decision, FINALLY! (thanks for your help, gung!)

  1. as you all know i've been sitting here for a few days with the mam in evergreen, the matinee in midnight/pewter and the nikki in evergreen...(all by rebecca minkoff for those of you who have not been following my saga) i made my decision...i am going with (drumroll please)...the MAM in evergreen...there were several people on tpf who said that when they got their MAM they weren't totally in love with it, but grew to love it...i LOVE the color and the fact that it's a satchel and that i can find everything very easily and i think that my "crush" can grow into true you all for putting up with me; i appreciate your patience and your advice!!!!
  2. Good choice!! I just love the MAM. It's my fav style from RM. What did you think of the Nikki though?
  3. i actually think the nikki is a beautiful is VERY large though, imho and very deep...i love the way it sat on my shoulder, however, i love the way that i can just open the satchel and find whatever i need...the nikki would make a great 2nd bag (in the future!)
  4. Congrats song! Hope the evergreen MAM is everything you hope it will be, and that you both live happily ever after!!
  5. Oh please, please please post pics of your evergreen mam! I have a credit coming from active endeavors, if they ever process my return, and I'm tempted to use it to get the mam in evergreen, but I'd really like to know more about the leather, since I can't see it IRL.
  6. i have been thinking of getting that bag myself. post pics when you get it please!