Decision decisions- please help!


Nov 18, 2007
Ladies and Gents,

I am currently in Paris- and I have the chance of getting a Phantom in Tan, natural calfskin.I met a sales assistant here and she told me not to get it- she told me one rain drop and its done. The one on display had weird color stripes.. (of course I would be offered a new one).. Anyhow, I know Ive asked this before - but should I get it yes or no? I always wanted the tan natural calfskin, but I consider the phantom a bit big. I have the grey stamped croc phantom, and love it to death, but lets be honest, they are huge bags, and every restaurant visit is a problem bc I dont know where to put it. I cant put it on the floor because of the dirt, and I cant hang it over my seat shoulder bc I have to be scared someone pumps into it. But its such a beautiful bag, I adore it. I also have a tricolor luggage and I think its much more durable, I can place it on the floor if needed or next to me somewhere... But I love love love the tan color.. its breathtaking on display. But if this leather is such fragile I am really not sure what to do. They also have it in bordeaux, maybe thats a better catch- considering the darker color?!

Please let me know what u think! Any opinions are highly appreciated!!!!:smile:


Jun 4, 2006
Hmm... I think it's about being comfortable with *using* your bag without excessive worries.
Like the girls in the Louboutin subforum, some people are so afraid of destroying that red lacquer finished sole that it impairs them from actually wearing the shoes and enjoying them. I think the same idea goes here, if you love the bag, try to enjoy it as much as possible. Dirt, other people, or whatnot should not really impair your enjoyment of something. If it was a regular affordable bag, would you still be afraid of getting it dirty or others bumping into it? Probably not. Just because a bag is expensive, also should not make it dysfunctional. Whether the designer item is a bag or shoe, it's ultimately meant to be used. :yes:
So in short, do you think you'll be able to overcome your worries? If yes, purchase the bag; if not, pass.
Best of luck!


Sep 24, 2013
If this bag is your dream bag, go for it! You sound like you really want it. Maybe you'll just have to baby this bag a little more than usual - maybe avoid taking it out in the rain!

Perhaps you should check out this forum where people discuss their natural calfskin phantoms.

Personally, I think the phantom is too large for me, but if I was ever going to buy one, it would be the natural calfskin phantom in tan, just like what you want. It's a positively gorgeous bag and if that bag is what you really love and have always wanted, you should buy it.


Aug 9, 2011


This is how the natural tan one will age but of course if you are extra careful of it, the process will be slower and hopefully even better than that. It is not the bag for those who like their purses to be pristine 24/7. If you are comfortable with how the leather will behave and achieve its patina, then go for it.

I won't recommend the burgundy as the natural tan one shows the unique characteristics of natural calfskin better. Good luck deciding.