Decision Decisions-Banana Flats

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  1. Hello All,
    I usually hang out at the LV, however I love miu miu flats. I am deciding between the Silver closed toe or the bronze (as pictured) but peep toe?
    Sorry couldn't find pictures of the exact oness.

    Saks. Need to make a decision to keep one (or both?)?__TIA" target="_blank" class="externalLink">[/url

    Which one do you suggest?

    I have bought both of them one from NM and pne from Saks. Need to make a decision to keep one (or both?)?
  2. I like the silver one.
  3. I love the peeptoe ones! But if you can keep both :smile:
  4. I have the silver one open toe from saks, it become one of my fav pair of MM. Keep both. :smile:
  5. You guys are such enablers! :graucho:
    I like to keep them both, I am worried they look too much a like, or you think they are completely different shoes?
  6. They are different since one is peep toe and one is closed, keep em! :biggrin:
  7. I love my Miu Miu flats! They are really comfortable!

    I love the closed toe design!