Decision, decision...

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  1. Hi,

    I am having split decision between buying two different brands' hangbags. Do I go with Gucci or Louis Vuitton? I have been eyeing on tuquiose crocodile Irina or a while now, and finally they have it down to $7229. It's nearly 50% off...well, not exactly. But then, I also spotted Prefall collection of Louis Vuitton's suede Irene bag. It's a lot cheaper, and not to mention, there has been price adjustment to this bag too. It dropped from $4040 to a little over $3800. So which one would you get and "why"? :P
  2. you got some reserved dough... LOL! I would buy LV only because I know the price remains the same.... for now that the sale is on going with Gucci... I would get the sale ones.... hahahaha! That's just me ...a cheapo!
  3. I don't like suede bags (just gave my last suede bag away!) and I love exotics but I just can't afford any exotics! So it's any easy personally - I would go for the croc Irina.
  4. Personally.. I will pick the Gucci Irina tote .. the LV irene bag is nice.. but again.. the suede kinda limit it's use a bit..the Irina seems to be all season bag, can dress up and down easily!!
  5. When talking about Gucci croc - we're not talking about a bag for a season and it's such a beautiful colour OMG.

    Gucci's croc is amazing

    If I saw a woman walking along carrying that bag I would have total respect.

    If I could get the croc Irina in turquoise or would do so without a moments hesitation

    I've nothing against LV but hay - another expensive LV - nice but very safe
    and I've nothing against suede (although I wouldn't want another one right now)

    Croc or suede - it would be a no-briner for me!

    BTW is your name Irene by any chance? ;)
  6. I loooooove the color of the Turquoise Croc Irina Tote. Original is $28,900 so at $7229 it's actually 75% off!! If I had the chance to snatch up that bag - I would! But $7K, shoot even $3.8K is way too much for my budget. Have fun choosing and let us know what you decide in the end.
  7. Love that Gucci Irina tote in Turquoise croc - I've drooled over that since I first saw it on the website, so it definitely gets my vote.
  8. Beautiful Gucci bag in such a beautiful colour. I don't like crocodile on everything, but this would be my dream bag - if you can stretch to it ---- go for it.

    LV Irene, I've already forgoton about it.
  9. I know! I love the color too. I never thought I might be able to afford it but Gucci is so good that way. They go on sale!

    I went to NY to just to see this bag when it first came out and I too drooled over it and thought I would buy it if I won a lottery. But just my best of luck, I am getting a bonus check the next coming Friday and if I put the rest on my CC cards, I can definitely stretch it and make it my own baby!

    What I worry about now is that it might go to outlets and I might have to chase it down. It will be a lot of work. I also worry that someone might snatch it and no more products! Okok...I am overthinking. haha.