Decision Decision...Neep help choosing one of those many Zippy Wallets

Which is the best or most wanted LV zippy Wallet

  • damier ebene compact zippy wallet (newer one, smallest in size)

  • monogram or damier zippy wallet

  • monogram or damier zippy organzier wallet (the biggest one that got pen holder)

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Apr 28, 2009
melbourne, australia
Hello Ladies...
I'm sooooooooo into buying LV wallet the zippy one... However there are a few choices that I'm interested in

1. Compact Zippy Wallet (more for damier ebene as am afraid that Azur would have colour transfer problem) I think this is smaller version of normal Zippy Wallet....Rectangular shape (not the square small wallet one).
2. Zippy Wallet
3. Zippy Organizer Wallet.

I want to hear if anyone of u have used or using any of these wallets and how do u like it or dislike it... and if u have used or using more than one, I'd love to hear about it too!!!

I'm now interested in the 1st choice but I'm wondering if anyone find it to be too small or do u think it's big enough. On the other hand, the 2nd and 3rd choice I am also wondering if it's way too big or not...

Also, If you can pls share with me the one u like/using is Monogram canvas, Damier Ebene , or Azur one...
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Happy Chrissy!
May 11, 2009
I love the Damier Ebene Zippy...i think it's just the right size and will fit even the Pm sized bags. It won't fit inside clutches though.

Sonic Peaches

Never Duplicated
Nov 30, 2006
Somewhere Festive
I recently made a similar decision... had both the mono zippy and the zippy organizer in front of me, and thought that the simple zippy was enough. I like the fact that the zippy does not fall all the way open... so no accidents where money/credit cards/receipts fall all over the floor.


Handbag Junkie
May 13, 2009
In a Chanel Boutique
I have the mono zippy organizer and love it, especially the pen holder because I love having a pen handy. It holds absolutely everything and is perfect for travel. When I purchased it last year, the SA told me that this was the one wallet that did not have any complaints. At the time I was trying to decide between the regular zippy and the zippy organizer.