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  1. it has to be the hormonal shift that i am experiencing right now; i can't stop thinking about bags!

    i ordered a bag from NM and i like it alot but not LOVE it the way i thought i was going to be. see the attached pic.

    do you like the hobo from NM more or you would go for a roma in similiar color (eggshell)?
    woven hobo.jpg
  2. The hobo is beautiful but Huge IRL. I adore the colour and the leather. If you like big slouchy bags then I guess this is the one for you. I love the Roma too but it depends on what kind of bag you like to carry. Either way you can't go wrong. Good luck!
  3. i know. i have the bag with me and it's hUgE. i love big bags but this one seems a bit too big even for me. :confused1:

    thanks for your opinion nizlay:smile:
  5. I looooove the styling of the hobo - the rope handle, the mix of weave and deerskin, the patent trim - and this color is fabulous. Too bad it's so big! I think the Roma in pergamena is a slightly creamier white than deerskin and while it's a gorgeous bag too, it almost seems plain next to the hobo. Have you considered the borsa cervo satchel with chain handles in pergamena that NM has? (or Cocker - not sure where to find it) They have the lovely styling of the hobo in a smaller package.... I know, not what you asked! Good luck!
  6. thanks blugenie. the smaller version of the hobo with chains was on sale at Saks for just a little over 1K probably a month ago and i passed on it because it's just too small for me. i think i am going to return the hobo...and maybe consider either a roma/cocker as my next purchase. hopefully i can last till 2008.
  7. I love the style of this bag (never seen it in person) but if it's too big for you, I would return it. I really like the cocker - it's very different and so luscious. Personally I would only use the roma as a work tote. I would go for the cocker :heart:
  8. catabie, I have almost ordered that hobo before. I love the braided shoulder strap and patent trim. What held me back from ordering was the size. Is it really that big when worn? Does it slouch nicely with the paper out and your things in?

  9. let me take an action pic to show you how big it is before i return it today :smile:
  10. Thank you catabie!
  11. catabie I've really been liking this bag for a while. I can't wait to see your action picture :yahoo:
  12. catabie, have you tried a Roma bag?
  13. I'm a real shoulder bag person, so I would say the hobo over the tote, but then it is a light colour and I would worry about colour transfer from clothes on the shoulder bag.......Let me wait for you to post your action pic before deciding, Do you have a roma in a different colour that you could post a pic with? That way we can see which looks better on you.
  14. I was considering this bag few months back as I love the design. But I was taken aback by the sheer size. Now, I love big bags but this was just way too huge. If it's 2/3 the size it would have been perfect.

    The Roma is gorgeous but it's more structured, so you'd have to like that.
  15. just for the reference, i am 5'5" and you dont wanna know how much i weigh now...:push:
    IMGP0595.JPG IMGP0596.JPG IMGP0597.JPG