Decision between Gustto Baca & Kooba Jillian.. help!

  1. I thought that I had decided on a black Gustto Baca (smaller size), but now I cannot find it anywhere online that accepts a discount code.

    I also like the Kooba Jillian, which is making my decision tougher. Can anyone that owns either or both help me?

    I just want a medium sized (and I'm already petite), black, versatile bag. Thanks!
  2. If you have never bought from they will mail you a code good for 30% off on your first purchase. All you need to do is sign up at their website-or call in your order and ask for it. I own several Koobas and love them, but I don't have a Gostto yet.:yes: Good luck!
  3. Kooba Jillian is my vote.. but I don't own either
  4. Thank you JNH14! I appreciate the code advice too. I was leaning toward the Gustto, but with the code (+ I liked it already), the Kooba is winning me over little by little!
  5. The Gustto will hold a little more but the Jillian is more structured and will hold your stuff more organized. I love my Gustto alot. Smushy soft leather but I also love my Jillian because those 4 outer pockets are so great for organizing.
  6. Thank you Kooba Queen! I'm still on the fence, but that gives me a better impression of what both would be like. I've seen them in real life, but in different colors and at different stores, so it's good to hear a comparison.