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    Hi everyone,

    I'm just trying to get your thoughts and opinions as my thoughts are becoming increasingly indecisive which is starting to make me frustrated.

    I want to get a reissue, but I'm completely at a loss whether to get a 226 or a 227. I just don't want the bag to look unproportionate to me or look like the purse is too big. I'm 5'5 and approximately 130lbs.

    I've taken a look in the reference thread and looked through all the pics of "You Carrying you Chanel" and the "post your classic flaps/reissues" and EVERYONE looks lovely but I can't tell for the most part what everyone's height/weight ratio to the bag size...

    I did a search under 'reissue 226 227' in the Chanel forum, but could only find threads that differentiated the two based on the actual sizing. What I'm looking for I guess is more of a debate or advice on which size people feel works for them and why.

    Is there anyone that's around my proportions that could post up a modelling pics of these two sizes?

    and for everyone else... please chime in and give me your thoughts!!

    Thanks in advance everybody! :heart:
  2. I love the 226 size, but it's small and doesn't hold a whole lot. I think the 227 would be a great size for you.:yes: I have one 227 and really like how much more I can fit into it compared to the 226's I own.
  3. I have a 227 ... I bought mine last year from Saks and picked this size since it was the only size available (all the 226s were sold out). So I do understand your concern ... I'm 5'2 and 130lbs and I do think that the 227 looks fine on me (BTW, I love the big bag look). Personally I think both sizes will look fine on you, proportionally wise ... it just depends whether you like your bags big. You should look at Star's thread (BTW, she's 5'3 and a lot smaller than me, figure wise) ... she has the 227 and it looks so hip and edgy on her!
  4. ^^ Is this the grey or dark silver? Would the 227 be too big for night use? I want a reissue that could be use for work/casual/night (ok, am greedy). :p
  5. ms piggy - The one I have is the grey one. I think the 227 would be a little big for anything formal.
  6. I have both sizes and I get more use out of the 227. The 226 is a tad small. I can only fit my wallet, small makeup case and cell phone in it.
  7. The 227 is a great size and gets my vote. I am about 5'3 115 lbs...
    a white chanel.jpg
  8. I have both sizes as well. The 226 is good for evening and 227 is good for the day.
  9. Thanks for the thoughts everyone! It's been really helpful. In my head I keep going back and forth, but when you all say it - it seems MUCH more clear!

    If anyone else has anything to add - please do!

    It seems the question to ask myself then is whether I want a day bag or a night bag... I think for my first reissue I am looking for something that'll fit my regular LV wallet... (I have a portefeiulle accordeon) it's one of those long rectangular wallets.

    asl_bebes - thanks for posting that modelling shot and giving me a reference to your height/weight. That was VERY helpful cuz the 227 looks FAB on you and not too big at all!

    Thanks Staci for posting a pic too! You always look amazing!
  10. i have the same dilemma too. But it all depends on ur own preference and how much u carry. I will prob stick w/ 226 (i am 5'5 115). Coz I don't carry much stuff and I don't usually use chanel flap as work bag.
  11. Where are you able to find the reissue 227? Have been looking a long time with no luck.
  12. wow it seems like the consensus here is that the 226 is small. Does that mean that the 225 is tiny? :confused1:

    Thanks for posting this question jadecee~ :flowers: I have been searching the forums for pics to compare the difference too! :flowers:
  13. I haven't found one. This is a theoretical debate going on in my head as of now.
  14. Hey there.. I'm just posting my thoughts up here and y'all are nice enough to indulge me in sharing and commenting on the debate in my head. :smile:

    I think perhaps if my question was phrased "Is the 225 too small?" the answer I'd get would be No. If you look at the dimensions, the 226 isn't small. It's just that if you're used to carrying a whole bunch of stuff.. then yes it's small. But if you're talking about in comparison to say a medium classic flap or a purse that you'd take out at night where you wouldn't be carrying tons of things with you.. then no, it isn't small.

    My question/musing is more whether it'll "look" too big on me as opposed to whether it actually is big or small. I guess it stems from my thinking that certain big bags look great on all sizes (ie. Cabas or Balenciaga Weekender) cuz they're meant to be big.. whereas in my mind (well just my opinion) the flap style isn't meant to be really huge. I see it more as a purse than a bag. But that is just my opinion and personal preference...

    lol - I'm talking as if this is some huge philosophical debate.. :sweatdrop: Anyways, enough out of me.. thanks everyone for indulging me and helping me sort through some of the thoughts going through my head!
  15. I have 2 225 reissues and I consider the 225 good sized. I like small bags and the 226 is large for me. 227 is ginormous. I'm 5' and 98 lbs so extra large bags (which are in "trend") look absolutely ridiculous on me, and i've TRIED!
    So in my case, I prefer the classic reissue colors (black, grey, white) in the 226 and the metallic seasonal colors in the 225. Although I love the 226 Navy patent.
    Historically, Coco Chanel created the classic 2.55 in the 225 size because women back then did not carry gigantic bags like they do now. I like how the 225 size has a bit of historical touch to it. I personally would not use a flap bag of any style as a daily bag, it is simply impractical (the double flap inside, the turnlock - I use my Chocolate Vintage Ligne tote for daily use) which is another reason I stray away from the 227 and 228 sizes. IMO.
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