Decision '08: MbyMJ Dr. Q Dakota v. new Spring bag

  1. Ok ... to make a long story short after several months of discussion and sending bags back and forth, I received the MbyMJ Dr. Q Dakota tall tote last month. This was a replacement for my Spring 07 softy faridah in black. I didn't love the past two seasons of the softy faridah, so I went with the Dr. Q. I've had the bag for a month, but haven't carried it. It's a big bag, but I've become so warped that I don't know if it's big enough for me. I can fit my laptop inside with room for the rest of my stuff which is good, but for whatever reason I am hesitant. I am not going to send it back to the MbyMJ store. They have been more than accomodating for me, and I don't want to push my luck! :p

    So ... I am deciding whether or not to sell the Dr. Q Dakota on eBay and just hold out for another great MbyMJ bag or MJ collection bag. Or to keep the bag, knowing that it won't be my go to every day bag. Which might not be a bad thing. :shame:

    Also, I have the Dr. Q Groovee in Bordeaux, but I don't think the bags are all that similar. Different shape, different color, different hardware. And that's one of the things that I love about the Dr. Q Dakota - silver hardware! Sorry this is so long! Should I keep the Dr. Q Dakota or sell it to fund future bag purchases? I welcome your opinions, ladies!
  2. this is kind of a tough situaton. are you looking for an everyday bag? you said so yourself that you'd be okay with just using the dakota every now and then, but will you feel like it was money not so well spent? i think the dakota looks nice, but the reason i wasn't interested in buying one was because i already own groovee. while there are differences between the two, they're still similar enough that i didn't need another dr. q bag.

    you're already contemplating selling it, so maybe you should list it to get money for a bag that you won't be hesitant to use. that's usually the standard tpf reply, right? to get rid of the thing you just like, so that you can get something you love.
  3. Well, well ... if you list your Dakota bag on eBay ... I'LL BE THERE!!! hehehe.
  4. It sounds like you're not happy with the Dakota. In that case, I would sell it and use the money to buy something you really love!! Plus, the Groovee and the Dakota styles are pretty similar so I guess that's another good reason to sell it if you're not happy with it!
  5. I think you should sell the Dr. Q Dakota and hold on the cash to spend on a new Spring bag that you're dying to have. :flowers:
  6. If you're at all hesitant, just let it go! Use the $ to find your next love...
  7. so, i'm sure you've already gotten rid of it by now right?