Deciphering the Y# on the tag

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    Hi, the above link is a great resource about how to read the tags. But I can't find a specific reference on how to decipher the Y# on the tag. For example, this attached tag is for a dark red 2.55 in 226 size from 14K (2014 fall act 2). A37587 is the 2.55 in 226 size. What does Y04150 mean? The bag is aged distressed calf with ruthenium hardware. Which numbers in the Y04150 represent the leather and hardware?
    Thanks so much for your help!

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  2. oooh I'm very nerdy and would love to know too... hope someone answers soon! :smile:
  3. Hmm, I guess no one knows... Please help! I really want to know!
  4. 4150 is aged calf with ruthenium HW
    4634 is aged calf with Gold

    Also for example:

    Caviar with Silver Hardware Code: Y01588
    Caviar with Gold Hardware Code: Y01864

    Lambskin with Silver Hardware Code: Y01480
    Lambskin with Gold Hardware Code: Y01490
  5. The Y code describes the type of leather & color harware....The A code is the style of bag & C code is the color code. Hope that helps!
  6. Thank you!! What's this attached code? One SA told me it's lamb but another says it's calf

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  7. Sorry not sure.
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