Deciding whether or not to keep...

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  1. This Kenneth Cole bag I got from I loved it in the picture but am not so sure I'm in love with it now that I have it. You have to slide the flap underneath the chain to close, which is kind of a pain.

  2. ;) You can return it??? I would say do so if your already aggrivated. If it's a hassle this early on, and your having doubts, maybe there's something else you will love more!:P But it's pretty cute..
  3. Kenneth Cole makes stunning stuff - I especially die for his shoes. The bag looks great but if everytime you use it, you hate it, then return it and look for something else.
  4. I'd return it if its a pain.
  5. There are so many other bags out there; return it. What were thinking of getting if you did?
  6. I like the bag- but it is up to you what YOU like! LEt us know your decision!!