Deciding to sell Caviar Chevron WoC

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  1. Hi there! I’m looking to part ways with a WoC in Caviar Chevron due to a few minor issues post-purchase. I would consider the bag to be “like new” to “very good” due to creases on the exterior flap where it folds, and indentations from the zipper. The interior lining is really good unless you’re actually looking up close for scratches. I received a few quotes from resellers, but I can’t seem to find the option that I would consider a “good deal.”

    I have two options from one reseller, consignment or direct purchase. Consignment is offering about $200 more than direct. The second reseller is offering only a buyout with an extra $100 more than the first seller’s maximum quote.

    Any help or feedback from those who sold similar bags would be highly appreciated!!
  2. Are you guaranteed the consignment offer? For example, if it doesn't sell and get's marked down, do you still get the $200 extra over straight buyout?
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    For the consignment, Company A, I was told that they will not mark down the bag unless I ask them to mark it. I also have the option for a direct payment while the bag is in consignment, or to have the bag returned to me. Both direct payment and consignment are being offered in a range. For direct payment, I’m quoted $1200-$1300, for consignment it’s $1300-$1400.

    For Company B, I’m quoted $1500 for only direct buyout. I also have an option for a 10% bonus if I choose to get a gift card at a luxury retailer, though I’ll have to ask my SA, from another well-known French luxury brand, if they accept gift cards.
  4. I’m confused by the question. Why wouldn’t you just take the company b (which I assume is fashionphile) buyout since it’s higher? Or are you asking if 1500 is a good buyout?
  5. Sorry about that, my overall question is “is consignment a better option than direct payment?”. I would rather get paid and completely forget about the bag once it’s out of my hands.
    My first offer is by Yoogi’s Closet, followed by Fashionphile. I received another offer by a third company, Ann’s Fabulous Finds, giving me a range between $1575 to $1800 if it’s sold.
  6. ohh gotcha. Understand now. It really depends. Is that the range that you'd get after they take their percentage? I usually prefer the buyout option as consigning can be risky (if it sells for less than you anticipated) and take a long time.
  7. Yes that’s correct, the prices that I was quoted for will be what I’ll get paid. I completely agree with your second point; I’m hoping to get at least 70% of my purchase price back without having to worry if the bag does not sell soon after.

    Thank you for your input
  8. Isn't there an online marketplace in your location you can use without fees? You can try vestiaire though. Just remember they will take 23% in commision so mark it higher
  9. I personally would take the direct buyout from Fashionphile. Out of sight, out of mind.
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