Deciding on which year and color for Day bag....need opinions.

  1. I'm in the process of purchasing my first BBag and I can't decide on which color. I like the Day and want something neutral so I can wear it with everything. I like the '06 Greige but I've noticed that most of you prefer '05 leathers to the '06 ones. Is the greige comparable to 2005 fall thick smooshy leathers?

    One more thing, is greige dark enough that it won't get dirty like white or calcaire?

  2. Greige is really beautiful. I just sold a greige first, but was a bit heartsick over it because the color of that bag is just scrumptious. (At least it went to a PFer, who will appreciate it and love it.) In fact, I like greige so much that I listed it and pulled it once because I was so resistant about selling it!

    I would say that greige is a great alternative to white or calcaire. It definitely won't show dirt as easily. Yep, I am a greige fan for sure.
  3. I agree ^^^^

    I don't own a greige (yet) but I have seen it and it is beautiful. A perfect non-white neutral.
  4. Greige is wonderful. I have a greige day and think the color and leather on this one are amazing. Mine is soft and thick I looo:heart: ve it!

    "Shine" is from the flash IRL it's less shiny.
    DSCN3584.jpg DSCN3582.jpg
  5. I myself was a little bit disappointed about the 'greige'-color - I've got a purse from aloha rag ... but it was very shiny and cracky - it's already sent back :sad: !
    I'd suggest another 'neutral' Day in maybe a nice 'blue-ish' color ;) :s ?
  6. What about 2005 taupe........did they make the Day in the pre-spring collection?

    Thanks for the pics by the way.........your bag is gorgeous!
  7. I LOVE griege!
    I bought it in the First size so I don't get as much use out of it as I'd like, but I still love it!!!
  8. Rondafaye, I remember your greige first- it was BEAUTIFUL!:love:

    Cracker,I think greige is a great color! I think the leather varies from bag to bag- I love my '06 City and the leather is fabulous!:yes:
  9. i almost bought rondafayes first the first time it was up for auction, but by the time i got home from work it was pulled. I eneded up buying beccas 05 grey purse. the 05 grey is AMAZING! It goes with everything and has become my favorite bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Another two colors that I recommend that I ownandgo with everything are the bordeaux and the chocolate from fall 05.
  11. I'm a huge fan of 06 camel. And I had never seen a Day bag IRL until last week at Barney's NY. Let me tell you, the camel Day I saw had the most amazing leather of any bag I have ever seen. So THICK and smooshy and not shiny, it was absurd really. I wanted it so bad but I wouldn't let myself since I already had a camel Part Time. I think I need a Day bag next! I was surprised by how much I liked it.
  12. For the Day size...I love Brownish colors so : Café 07 or Truffle 06 ???
  13. My Greige has nice leather and I adore :love: the color. Also the camels from fall of '06 are nice. My camel has very thick leather and the color is just butterscotch pudding. I prefer the neutrals in the Day. It's so long that I think the neutrals give that bag the look that it was intended for. I imagine the natural, truffle and Cafe would look equally as gorgeous.
  14. Grey is a great color, Black is awesome as always. I like Greige but it's too light for me and the leather quality is a bit spotty. Yes, the Day came in Taupe, but I've only seen 2 Day bags in that color and both showed a fair amount of wear.
    If you wear jeans a lot, I would caution against a lighter color, as this is a bag that can only be carried on the shoulder, and therefore can't help rubbing on your clothes. Grey is better than Greige, I think.
    Camel leather has been really good but I read somewhere on this forum about how hard it was to maintain that color.
    Truffle would be a good choice IMO...
  15. griege is not my favorite. but I LOVE GREY! I have a spring 06 one, which I know a lot of ladies don't favor, but I think I got one of the better ones, because the color is beautiful and scrumptious. I passed up a rouge vif 05 for it, (yes I know I'm insane) but I love my grey!