Deciding on the coffer and the bow satchel. Suggestions?

  1. Hi! I am in the market for a new bag and have narrowed it down to either the coffer or the bow satchel. Are they both easy to carry and versatile? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. I have both bags. Coffer in black leather and the bow satchel in off-white. Both are great but I carry the bow satchel more as it's more slouchy and doesn't seem to be as heavy as the coffer.
    I love the satchel so much I want to get it in other colours now. It would be my first choice.
  3. I also have both of these styles. I have the bow satchel in off-white and scamascioto brown suede. I LOVE the brown suede bag as it is very slouchy. I haven't worn the off-white one yet, as the light color scares me a bit. But it is considerably more structured than the suede.

    But my heart is with the coffers!! I like a large bag with outer pockets (easy access to cell, keys, etc.) After I purchased the brown suede coffer, I had to buy the black Nappa....then the off white......the cammello.......and now desperately searching for the blue!!!! My advice is that you decide what size bag you most feel comfortable with normally because there is a considerable difference in these styles.....good luck and let us know what you decide!!! :smile:
  4. the bow satchel for me (i have the black) is an everyday work bag that i can throw around everywhere and a more casual bag than the coffer which is more dressy... overall, i prefer the coffer b/c of it's distinctive design/details... what color in the satchel or coffer are you thinking of getting?
  5. Thanks for the advice! I went out last night to see it IRL and think I have decided I want the coffer. The color is the hard part. I am torn between the black and the brown. I also like the plum color but it's so dark that I might as well get the black since you could hardly tell that it's plum.
  6. ^^ black is versatile, will go w/everything but if you find the right shade of brown then it's so pretty and unique.

    the black coffer is so pretty and classy... i've seen the coffer in nutmeg (camel brown), cammello (chestnut brown), and noce (espresso brown)...

    if you have a lot of black bags then one the browns would be nice but if you have more browns than black, then definitely get the black! i love my black bags b/c i never worry about getting them dirty or any marks.

    let us know what color you choose and post pics!!