Deciding on Tattoo and My New Piercing!

  1. I want to have a tattoo of a symbol of my own artwork. Like...a certain abstract figure I usually insert somewhere within all my works..kinda like my calling card. Has anyone ever designed their own tattoos? Totally loved it..... or regret you didn't pick an already created one? Just curious really.. :yes:

    I have trouble with tattoos...maybe due to the permanancy of it. I'm much better with piercings. I got my lip done today...I dunno if this is really considered "Jewelry Box" to the hilt, so I'm showing my pics here to go along w/ my questions and curiosity. Feel free to move if at all needed. Here ya go, enjoy! :heart:
    lipring1lpf.jpg lipring2lpf.jpg lipring3lpf.jpg
  2. Nifty! All of mine are at least mostly designed. One I took and got modified to what I wanted.

    My next tattoo is just going to be a teeny one -- a forget me not for my grandparents. :smile:

    I had a lip ring too, but got sick of the gunk that always built up, so I got rid of it.
  3. Your piercings look great. Definitely not me, but I can appreciate them! :rochard:
  4. gayle--only ears pierced, no tats, but i think you're own personal design is so much better than anyone else's--don't you think you're original design will keep you happy longer? i do...good luck and depending on where you are putting it, i'd like to see....:graucho:
    thanks for sharing your lip ring pics--did it hurt?
  5. I have my ears pierced only, wouldn't want any other piercings! Not good with pain LOL Was it painful to have your lip done?
  6. I don't know about Gayle, but I was TERRIFIED to get my lip pierced. And at that point, I had 3 tattoos and approximately 12 piercings in my ears.

    And it barely hurt. :smile:
  7. makes me cringe even to think about it & to get the tongue pierced :wtf:
  8. Your piercings look FABULOUS! I love them with your LV! :graucho:

    All of my tats were designed specifically for me however I did draw one tat myself. It was a intricate star with flames around it. I call it my supernova! LOL It's still one of my favorites! Here is a picture of that one... I took these myself so I had to get in a freaky angle to photograph my back! LOL
    tat.JPG tat1.JPG
  9. I had my tongue pierced! I think my holE still might be open!?! It doesn't hurt much at all. The biggest issue is the swelling afterward. It's awful to talk.
  10. Nice piercings !:smile:
    I have my belly, and 2 holes in each ear. I had my nipples pierced TWICE ! When I let them close the first time I missed them so much I got it done again.....but AGAIN it didn't work out :sad: (mostly b/c of my very active lifestyle)

    When I lived in NYC I had a group of friends that were (heavy) into S&M, so I was able to see MANY varieties of piercings and tattoos. You name it, I saw it:nuts: :p :graucho:

    I have 3 tattoos. One is the symbol of the Ironman Triathlon that I got when I did my first IM race(2001). Second one is a custom dragon (1995). Third one I just got yesterday ! It's the horseshoe from the Colts. Had to get it since my team won the Superbowl:yes: .

    I love them all:heart: and don't regret the permanancy of them !
  11. Let us know what you decide and I want to see a picture of the new tat!
  12. Yes i heard that can be really dangerous, someone here died!:wtf:
  13. I have probably half of my back tattooed. I have a biomechanical spinal column and a star on my shoulder. Both tattoos were designed by me and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have plans for at least 4 more large tattoos and those will all be self or artist designed.

    The way I look at it, IMHO, I could NEVER get flash. Tattoos are meant to be about expressing your individuatily and who you are as a person. So why would you want the same heart, flower, skull, or ______ that everyone else has?? Now that doesn't mean you can't make a flash your own. I choose a life style and choose to live in a group of friends that is covered in piercings and tattoos. I've seen many flash tattoos turned into beautiful individual tattoos that the owner should be proud to have. If you do find a flash design you like, go to your artist ask them to "tweak" it for you. The chances of you finding a pre-made design that you love 150% are pretty slim, so have the artist or even a friend that can draw make it your own.

    All I can say is have fun designing or picking it out, but be careful, tattoos are ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :p :graucho:
  14. Sorry, I don't find tattoos attractive. I say don't do it. Piercings you can take out, tattoos are permanent. From what I hear, it takes forever to get a tattoo removed if you change your mind. Good luck in your decision.
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