Deciding on selling price?

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  1. If I post pictures of 2 Coach bags I have at home that I'm wanting to sell, will you guys help me figure a fair price to list them for? I have had them both for awhile and I do not remember how much I paid for them at the time, nor what I think they'd be worth today.

    Also I'd like to doublecheck authenticity before listing, even though I'm 99% sure they are real.

  2. Unless the rules have changed here I didn't think we were allowed to discuss items here that we are looking to sell. You may want to double check with a moderator.
  3. yep, check on the rules.
  4. OP go ahead and post about your authenticity? in the authenticity thread. You can head over to the many auction sites and see if your bag is currently being listed there for sale. That should help steer you to what may be best market wise for your item if it is authentic.
  5. Okay thanks guys! I'll make sure they are authentic then do a market comparison myself. :smile: