Deciding on New Watch: Hermes or Cartier?? rop for pix>

Oct 17, 2006
You ladies seem to be an expert, so I need some opinions. I'm not a regular watch wearer. The only one I have is a Bulova one which I hardly wear. Now I want to buy a new one, sorta designer, want to spend less than $1500 so I can across these two, which I love. Which one is better also, any other suggstions within my budget??? Please post pic bc I'm new with designer watches. Thank you and happy holidays.

Well, what's your style? The Cartier is a classic, but if you are a trendy type, the Hermes will make more of a statement and will resonate with your style in a more harmonious way. To me, these things are about personal preferences. I might prefer the Cartier, but I'm a classic gal. If you are under 40, you might want the more fun one. Best to go with your style on this one. Also, while the Cartier is a "classic" -- the Hermes in that color scheme is really different. Might be fun to have something that isn't so popular.