Deciding on New Watch: Hermes or Cartier?? rop for pix>

  1. Hi,
    You ladies seem to be an expert, so I need some opinions. I'm not a regular watch wearer. The only one I have is a Bulova one which I hardly wear. Now I want to buy a new one, sorta designer, want to spend less than $1500 so I can across these two, which I love. Which one is better also, any other suggstions within my budget??? Please post pic bc I'm new with designer watches. Thank you and happy holidays.

  2. I like cartier
  3. I like the Cartier too. Very classy, not a bad price either.
  4. I agree - the Cartier!
  5. The Cartier one. Hermes watches are more like fun accessories.
  6. The Cartier looks a lot nicer.
  7. Get the Cartier. I have lots of Hermes and cartier watches and Hermes is more of a fashion watch.
  8. definitely the Cartier, the face is such a classic.

    I got the Cartier Santos for Christmas, and I am completely in love with it :smile:
  9. Cartier all the way!
  10. Although I am a huge Hermes fan when it comes to timepieces nothing beats a Cartier tank IMO.
  11. Though I think the H-our is really cute, I'd have to go with the Cartier on this one :yes:
  12. i love cartier timepieces. they are so classic!
  13. Cartier. =)
  14. Well, what's your style? The Cartier is a classic, but if you are a trendy type, the Hermes will make more of a statement and will resonate with your style in a more harmonious way. To me, these things are about personal preferences. I might prefer the Cartier, but I'm a classic gal. If you are under 40, you might want the more fun one. Best to go with your style on this one. Also, while the Cartier is a "classic" -- the Hermes in that color scheme is really different. Might be fun to have something that isn't so popular.