deciding on first handheld bag..

  1. ok usually I like big shoulder bags, especially my cabas mezzo, because I like to have my hands free and I tend to carry a lot of things for school/work (plus I'm scared about the handles getting dirty easier with a handbag), but lately I've been liking speedies. This will probably be my only handheld bag that I will get so I want to make it special. I'm kind of excited about the damier azur speedy 25 but my dream bag is the mc speedy. I was also thinking about a mc trouville, plus it's less expensive than the mc speedy so probably easier to get my hands on. I'm still iffy about the miroir speedy. Don't really wany anymore mono and not a big fan of the regular damier. What are your thoughts on these or other handheld bags. Or should I just forget it and get a lockit horizontal haha. Thanks!
  2. I have the LH and love it...have the speedy 30 has well and love it but, the LH is my fav at the moment...daimer azur for spring/summer looks so nice..
  3. If your dream bag is the mc speedy then go for it! It's a bag you'll love forever! But if the price is an issue, then my second choice would also be the mc trouville. Mind you, it's smaller than the speedy but probably easier to get in and out of (double zipper, goes far down the sides). But the speedy is definitely more stunning!
  4. ITA!!!:yes:
  5. If it's going to be your ONLY handheld bag, then I'd say save up and splurge on the MC's just too pretty and quite iconic (to me at least)...I see the mono or damier speedy as pretty good "starter" handheld bags but since u dun like those...I don't forsee that the miroir is going to be an everyday bag. Opinions on the azur differ, so wait and see if it'll work for u...
  6. How about a Damier Azur Saleya PM? That way it would be a handheld bag you could still also carry on your shoulder if you really need to. :flowers:
  7. Thanks for all the comments..

    I thought about the salyea also because it could also be a shoulder bag, but after all the thoughts running through my mind I decided I rather get a speedy in the azur. I'm leaning towards the trouville because of I luv vuitton's comment and I also think the mc speedy is more stunning. I might have to save up for a while to get the mc speedy though. I was thinking of asking my mom for the azur speedy for my bday since it's the least expensive. I could also ask her to splurge for me and get the mc trouville and maybe I can save up for the azur speedy later. Maybe I will get 2 hand held bags and that's it! I kind of want a mc that's why but I'm excited about the azur. lol I don't know.

    LVpug..I live in Hawaii so it's always spring/summer haha.
  8. i have the white Multicolore Trouville and i :heart::heart::heart: it. it's such a nice change from the too-common Speedy, and it's so pretty and feminine
  9. ^yeah I never thought about getting a trouville before but I see a lot of members here have it.
  10. Yes, I love my new black MC trouville. It's served me well on many occassions because of the formal look it can have. I feel the less structured look of the speedy is great for an everyday bag - if you do not work in a formal environment. The trouville on the other hand, looks structured enough for work situations yet remains cute with the MC prints. :graucho:
  11. I am not a big fan of the speedy...yeah, I know...I've said it a few because I like shoulder bags, too.

    With that said, I do like my speedy MC and use it alot...something about that little pocket gives it so much more.

    I say get the speedy MC!
  12. I'd say get the mc trouville, it sounds perfect for you! I know it costs about twice as much as the azur speedy, but it's worth waiting and saving up for a super-stunning bag which you'll love for a looooooong time rather than getting a 'temporary' bag and still have your dream bag in the back of your mind which you'll be getting later sometime. In the end you'll be spending much more! Plus, if you save up to get your dream bag then it'll make you really really happy too!! :yahoo:
  13. I prefer the mc speedy.
  14. Trouville and Speedy are both hot!
  15. Thanks! I totally agree hehe. I think I really want the azur speedy because it's just something new coming out and I'm really excited about it but I think it's just a temporary bag to fulfill my lv fix lol. Now I think I'm leaning toward the mc trouville (thanks for convincing me!) and maybe I'll get the azur speedy later after I see it irl.