Deciding on First Chanel - Help?

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  1. Hey everyone!
    I'm very new to Chanel, but have decided that my next bag purchase will be a "flap" purse. I've been reading all I can on this forum to get ideas and learn the lingo!

    I'm still undecided on the classic flap or 2.55 for my first bag, nor which size I should get - medium or large (since I'm 5.5 and chubby)? But I am certain that it will be black with silver hardware.

    Which bag would be the most "classic" choice for my first Chanel?

    Also, does Chanel ever have sales for a black flap? If not, is there a best place to get it cheapest (e.g., Sak's, France, Hawaii, etc.) or is any place pretty much the same?

    Thanks so much for helping a newbie! :smile:
  2. maybe go for the classic flap in caviar as ur first flap.. since u like silver hardware, i feel that silver chain looks alot better in the classic flap than the 2.55.. since ur 5ft5 and chubby, both medium/large or the jumbo wud both suit u well, so its up to u to think about practicality and how much u bring around with u, and also the best tto do is to try both sizes on in the boutique and then ul really know which looks better on u :smile: good luck!
  3. Because of your height and built, I would highly recommend the classic medium or large flap in caviar leather since it's very durable. Unfortunately, Chanel does not have sales on classic pieces so price are going to be the same. Good luck.