deciding on Damier bag

  1. I'm heading to the LV store today and want to be prepared before I go in. (LOL). I got caught in a thunderstorm the other day with my Mezzo, so now I'm looking for a damier bag. Help me decide between a Speedy 30, Ribera MM and Parioli.

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Speedy 30 it's a classic
  3. speedy 30 definitely.
  4. i like the Speedy out of the three. have you considered the Duomo? i have it and love it to death. it has a very classy shape
  5. speedy 30:love:
  6. Good idea yeuxhonnetes- I love the Duomo, it's such an elegant shape. That's if you like hand-helds. If you like shoulder bags I'd say Parioli or the Hampstead which comes out April 1st.
  7. Of those 3, I like the Speedy. Have you considered the Saleya? It's a great bag! And the Hampstead is coming out soon!
  8. I love Ribera MM. I've compared them and finally, I prefer Ribera MM :smile:
  9. if its just out of those 3 then speedy!
  10. Speedy:yes:
  11. Speedy!!!!
  12. I like damier speedy too. It is such a classic bag.
  13. Ribera MM from your list, otherwise I would choose duomo hands down.
  14. i like the ribera in damier :O
  15. :heart: the Speedy! The duomo and papillon in damier are lovely as well!