deciding on a new purchase

  1. In deciding on a new Chanel, i am needing your opinion. I have given it soooo much thought and just can't seem to make up my mind:push:. There are just too many to choose from:upsidedown:.
    I am torn between a classic flap with silver hardware, expandable tote, a GST with silver hardware and a cabas. All in black of course.
    I wish i could just get them all but unfortunately i can only buy one or two a year, and i can only get one until next year.

    Please help me decide before i go

    thank you:flowers:
  2. the GST fits my needs best, so of course it gets my vote!:yes:
  3. classic flap with silver hw! what size were u thinking of?
  4. GST with silver hardware!!

  5. the medium/large one.
  6. thanks Swanky:flowers:.
    i have been leaning towards the GST but love the edge look of the expandable tote:s.
  7. FLAP!! Hands down.
  8. I love all three! I would get a classic flap before the price increase. Or gst if you want a nice tote, I just bought a dark brown gst, very nice bag.
  9. I'm a flap lover, so I say flap (even though all the bags you mentioned are nice).
  10. I think u like a more fun bag style.. So I'd say cabas or expandable..... U know I'm a huge expandable fan... Lmao..... I think Gst is too plain for u
  11. Flap b4 the huge increase.
  12. one vote for classic flap
  13. Pick the one that will look the best on you, go to the store and try them on, then you'll have a better feel for what you think it'll be best for your lifestyle.
    btw, all those bags are great choices!:yes:
  14. the flap as its only ever going to go up in price and is of course a must have Chanel in my opinion :heart:
  15. I vote for GST with silver hardware,It's on my Christmas wish list, I am sooooo in love with that bag!!!:love: