Deciding on a Monogram bag...need your help!

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  1. Hi guys! I already have a Mono NF MM but I'm now finding myself wanting a 'dressier' mono bag that's still comfortable enough for everyday use. I've been looking at the website and tPF and have tried a few bags at the boutique and so far, I'm liking and loving the Totally MM, Tivoli GM and Palermo PM/GM. When I tried the Totally MM, I really liked how comfortable it was with the flat shoulder straps and the way it hugs your body as you carry it. I also loved the zipper closure and exterior pockets and minimal vachetta which I think could make it a good travel bag as well. I like the Tivoli and Palermo because of the very feminine pleats and adjustable straps (for the GM sizes) and they both seem really spacious as well. I wonder though how comfortable they would be when used on a daily basis.

    I'm really torn so need all your input! TIA! :biggrin:
  2. Palermo
  3. I love my Tivoli GM, it gets me alot of compliments, but it is very heavy so when you carry it alot it can be hard on the shoulder. I still would buy it again though, she's a beauty!
  4. Tivoli
  5. Would you use the Tivoli as an everyday bag? Too dressy to bring to errands?
  6. Totally
  7. Hey Disco :smile: I have the Tivoli GM. I love it. I find it being a bit dressy for errands though. It sure does hold alot. However the Palermo is a must have.

    I just love love that bag! With the Palermo you can still be dressy or more casual as you have 3 different ways to carry it. Hand held with extra strap removed, shoulder or Crossbody.
  8. Hi,

    I have the Palermo and I love it! The Tivoli is a great bag, however the straps on the GM have a tendency to "curl" - I've seen this on a few Tivoli GM's IRL. Don't have much experience with the Totally bag.
  9. I say totally! All the way!
  10. Totally or Palermo for sure. I adore my Totally, and I list after those pretty pleats on the Palermo. I think both are functional and look good, what more can one want?

    I'd try both and see what suits you best
  11. Hi Joyce! :biggrin: what size Palermo do you have? Yes the Tivoli seems too dressy for errands..I guess I've just been using a simple looking mono NF for too long that I now want a bag with more detail, etc :smile:
  12. The straps curling is also one of my reservations with the Tivoli..also with how the shape of the bag gets deformed after a while. Yikes seems like this bag may be too high maintenance for me!
  13. I think the Tivoli is the dressiest of the 3, but I really like the Totally.
  14. I have the Tivoli GM and don't think its too dress for running errands, I use it all the time for errands! I love the Tivoli GM because its roomy and stylish and I put the adjustable handles on the second notch so the strap which sticks out (from bottom) is a little shorter preventing 'curl up.' As far as comfort goes, I've never found it uncomfortable but then again I've never worn it all day long either.

    I really like the Palermo and Totally as well, but don't have either of them. Good luck with your decision I know its not an easy one!
  15. Agree!!:smile: