Deciding on a messenger type bag

  1. Hiii,

    I am looking for a messenger style bag and have pretty much narrowed it down to between:

    1. Flat Messenger retails around 945 USD and has regular hardware (I think it only comes with regular hardware, right?)

    2. Rounder Messenger with giant hardware and slightly shorter strap than the Flat messenger and it retails around 1150 USD or so?

    Which would you guys pick and does anyone have any more pics of theirs (besides in the reference library?)

    And also what colors have you seen in messenger bags lately?


  2. Hi! I prefer the flat messenger with the regular hardware. I think HG bags ordered a bunch of these in all different colors. I would choose ocean or steel.
  3. Whats HG bags?


    Yep--Im trying to see what my color options may be for the flat messenger...
  4. I love the flat messenger style as well.
  5. I am waiting anxiously for my Cafe Flat Messenger (regular hardware) so I vote for that style
  6. flat messenger