deciding on a Galliera GM vs PM

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  1. Is size the only difference between the Galliera GM and PM. I'm looking to get my wife a new bag for V-Day. I absolutly fell in love withthe Tivoli GM a few months ago and have been obsessing about the bag ever since. My wife likes the bag but I can tell she isnt thrilled about the mongrams. We saw a girl with a Galliera (not sure which one) but my wife really liked it. I knew it was a LV from the damier pattern.

    I'm considering the Galliera bag although don't know which one. Is it hard to find it available like the Tivoli?

    My wife's favorite bag is a Jimmy Choo Mahala which is similar to the PM in size (length and hight) except the width is about half of the Mahala. So do I get the bigger GM or stay with the PM. :confused1:
  2. yeah the only difference is the size
  3. the PM is much cuter in my opinion! I own it and looove it!
  4. Pm !
  5. I have a PM and it is HUGE! It fits on the shoulder so well and it can hold a lot of stuff. I can't even imagine having a larger bag than the PM.
  6. Go for Galliera Azur PM!
    The Galliera PM is a perfect size in my opinion. The GM is way too huge. Also the Azur tends to look bigger than the Monogram in the same size. Its one gorgeous bag and will get a lot of stares, your wife will love it!
  7. yep l have pm, pretty big,but cute, and comfy x
  8. I am currently getting the GM~ I think it is gorgeous!
  9. GM!!! i just got one and i love it!!!
  10. I agree! I have the PM and it's perfect! I can fit all of the things I normally carry in my purse as well as toys, books, etc for my 2 year old!
  11. You are such a sweet husband!! And so knowledgeable about bags, I'm very impressed!!

    I have the pm and love it! You shouldn't have a hard time getting one. Are you getting her the monogram or the azur?

  12. The Azur
  13. i have the PM and it's perfect! it fits everything i need and more! it's my fav everyday bag atm. i'm sure your wife will love it!
  14. I debated over this for a week. I had the gm, then exchanged it for the pm, then decided to get the gm again. I can really say that i am happy with my decision and it is perfect in the gm size. Im 5/3 100 lbs with a 1 year old. It is the perfect bag and not tooo big at all!
  15. i totally think the gm is way too huge
    go for the pm =)