Deciding deciding on Cape cod tonneau diamond

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  1. Hello Tpfers!!!
    I have a friend who just bought cape cod tonneau diamond watch from paris.
    She bought it to buy her birkin. Wants to sell it for less than what she paid for.
    I had my eyes on cartier ballon bleu diamond.
    But the price is nearly double than cape cod diamond watch. I personally like hermes watch, but a lot of my other friends are against with this as Hermes is not wel-known for watch making.

    Does anyone has same watch?
    Any thoughts?

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  2. Hi, did your friend end of getting a birkin after purchasing the watch? If so, from which Paris Herms? Thanks
  3. since you had your eyes on cartier prior,,
    are you only considering taking your friends watch from her hand due to the discounted price?
    if that is the main reason, at least see if you can try cape cod on first?
  4. My DH and I play a little game called "Price Neutral." If the price of both watches was the same, which one would you buy? If you only like the Cape Cod because it's cheaper than the Cartier, you'll still want the Cartier. But if you like the look of the H watch better, and can ignore your friends' comments, then by all means get the H watch.

    I don't have this model, just a regular Cape Cod, and it's been running fine for YEARS. But I'm not a "watch person," so to speak, so the fact that it's not made by a historic watchmaker doesn't bother me in the least. All depends on what you're looking for.
  5. Thanks for your comments. I will visit my store & try this model in person.
    Price is definitely attractive as it is nearly 40% less than here.
    And because im not a watch person, it doesn't really bother me hermes is not a historic watch maker.
    I just want to get dress watch with diamond. And i think this will fit my purpose.

    My friend did get birkin which is less expensive than this watch 😜
  6. Yes putting price aside
    Most importantly you must like this style
    Of coz like you said price too irresistible haha
  7. I tried this watch with a purple strap and it was stunning! Get it if you really like it.
  8. I am a huge fan of this watch (and who doesn't love a bargain?). Hermes actually has a fairly impressive watch heritage and has won some prestigious awards in recent years. It's such a beautiful watch on the wrist -- definitely something that looks better in person than in pictures, IMO.
  9. FYI. you can order different colour strap for this watch and Hermes will swap it around for you.
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