deciding between two soho shoulder bags

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  1. Love the second, it's gorgeous
  2. I am thinking of buying the first bag myself.
  3. I'm thinking the first bag in black would be a nice black elegant bag then the 2nd bag in a fun color would be great. Probably just need to get both.
  4. I say the 2nd one; the leather inset in the straps will make it more comfy, though if you do not carry a lot you may prefer the security of the 1st since it zips. I am personally partial to open top bags.
  5. Love the second one
  6. Love the 2nd been looking at getting it for work bag.
  7. what color are you thinking for a work bag?
  8. My brother gifted me the second one in the larger version and I do like it but I'm drawn to the first. It's heavy and I prefer a cross-body when I shop. I do get complements every time I wear it though.
  9. I like the first one!
  10. second one!
  11. Both are lovely, but I prefer the second one.
  12. phenominal review! Thank you for sharing!! She makes me want to go out and buy this bag!!:biggrin:
  13. I prefer the functionality of the second bag. I think it serves all purposes and I agree with the majority here, the leather tabs are a nice addition to have on the straps for comfort.