Deciding between two bags and then regretting your choice


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Sep 16, 2009
Does anyone ever do this? I was debating between the black Kristin hobo and satchel. I went with the satchel because I was also getting the turquoise hobo and I wasn't sure I wanted two of the same bag.

I can't take the satchel back because I already cut the tags and carried it today. Don't get me wrong, I like the satchel, but I am sort of wishing I would have went with my gut and bought the hobo. I think the hobo would have been a better fit for me this time. I tend to like satchels, but I keep going back to the hobo with the Kristin line.

I will be keeping the satchel. It's way to soon to try and sell it and I can't go back for the hobo with the PCE tomorrow anyway. I know the satchel is a timeless look and I can keep the bag for a while. I'm not super upset or anything, just a little wistful for the hobo.

Has anyone else ever done this? I tend to be indecisive, but not after I have committed by cutting the tag off. I hope I'm not the only one. :blush:

Time to go dress up my satchel and have more fun with her so I feel better about it. :cool:
Aug 24, 2009
Oh, honey...we've ALL felt like that. And if someone says they have never, ever second guessed themselves...then I'll call BS.

Coach puts out some really beautiful bags and in a perfect world we could have every single one. But for most of us, thats impossible. So, it boils down to making decisions and choices. Which one will be perfect? Sometimes we hit the nail on the head and sometimes we miss by a mile. Sometimes we love what we get and sometimes we look back and think "oh da*m"...

Try to enjoy the satchel, and if it doesn't come naturally don't force it...find it a good home and go get your hobo!
Dec 28, 2009
ALL the time...It is really hard for me to decide because there are so many that I like, and the "perfect" bag that I am always searching for just doesn't seem to exist. I just try to take my time so that I hopefully make the right choice...but it is too hard now since Coach seems to be making a lot less and sometimes a bag is sold out before it even makes it to the floor. So you don't have time to think about it -- it's get it or it will be gone...and I don't like that pressure. I always seem to be exchanging and returning and I feel like my boutique hates when you return things there. So I don't like to go there anymore.

I would just use your satchel and see if it grows on you...if not, I'm sure you could sell it for a good price since it is so new. :smile:


Feb 24, 2006
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I totally agree I always do that.. give her alittle love and hopefully you will warm up to her. I got the large black satchel and no regrets.. well ok one I wish I could have bought the chalk one too :O)


Mar 27, 2009
It stinks when you regret your choices. Personally, I think you did a smart thing by getting 2 different bags. Tastes change, and one day you will really want to wear the satchel for awhile, and then you'll want to wear the hobo! Did anyone help you make the decision to get the bags you bought?
I went to the boutique yesterday with my friend, looking to get a crossbody. Well, I picked up a satchel and when I popped it on my shoulder, she took one look and said that was a "wow" bag on me. She was right. Not what I expected to buy, but I was thrilled to come home with the satchel!


Feb 9, 2010
I do this ALL THE TIME!!! I always buy a bag and love it, and then something else comes along and I think "I like that better". I usually am too excited to wait to use my bags so I cannot exchange them. I just think its the old "you want what you can't/don't have" syndrome for me.
Nov 21, 2006
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yes! at first i got an Op art sateen in khaki/ivory tribeca tote, then exchanged it with black coz i think it's a much better choice, now i want the grey patent but having 2nd thoughts about the peeling/cracking issues on the handles... i should've chosen the grey.... i can live w/ the peeling handles, i think?:P lol! but yea i'm trying to love the black... it has a cute shimmer to it