Deciding between taupe and blue for Lindy!!

  1. Hi everybody,
    I am looking to get my first Hermes bag and I have decided to get Lindy 30. I let my SA know that I am planning on getting it in blue or taupe. I plan on having a very small collection of bags and I have been very careful with my bag choices. I have - Celine belt bag in black, Chanel 225 in black with GHW, Chanel M/L in red caviar. I just want to add 3 more bags - Hermes Lindy, Hermes Kelly( not decided on color/size) and a fun bag.
    With this in mind, which color would be more versatile? Etoupe or Blue agate/Blue nuit? Will Etoupe have color transfer issues? What other factors should I consider? Thanks in advance.
  2. I personally would choose blue shades for the lindy ,and etoupe for the kelly,
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  3. Hi. :smile:I think an etoupe bag would be a great addition to your collection and would be a great year round bag. I like the idea that a casual bag can be year round. But it depends on what kind of kelly you are interested in; more formal i.e. box or more everyday.:flowers:Best of luck in choosing!:flowers:
  4. I prefer the Lindy in subtle, natural colors. I love Lindy in Etoupe!
  5. I want my Kelly in Togo leather. I am still doing research on color and size for Kelly. But even Kelly bag I want to be year around everyday bag.
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  6. Lindy is a casual fun bag IMO. Of the three colors you chose, I vote for blue agate. Blue agate would work with almost everything. If you want to expand your choice of blue, consider blue electrique for the pop of color.
  7. Only blue electric
    Or else etoupe will be my first choice
  8. Sounds like you are doing your homework! :flowers:Have you seen the Lindy in person in the colours your thinking about? Also what leather are you thinking about for the Lindy, the colours can be different depending on the leathers, that might steer you towards one colour over another. Maybe you can see a leather book....:flowers:
  9. I am thinking of clemence in Lindy so it can be carefree. This is my first Hermes bag and I am overwhelmed by the color choices.
  10. Which is blue electrique??
  11. I can only imagine. Cleamance is such a great leather for the Lindy, I think it enhances the shape. I think if you could see a leather book it may help you figure out what colour works best for you.:flowers:
  12. I have a lindy in clemence. I beat it up but it still is pristine! You'll love it. Between your choices, I'd go with a blue unit. I have a B in blue nuit and it is perfect all year round. For some reason, I like etoupe in pictures but doesn't look good when I carry it. I tried a few bags in the store and can't seem to make it work, so my suggestion is to personally try it with your usual wardrobe in the store. Good luck!
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  13. IMHO you might keep Etoupe for Kelly and go with Blue agate for lindy.
  14. i have had few Lindys so i can give you some advice

    Sounds like u like neutral so I would suggest the following neutrals

    Etoupe PHW (but down side is too many people already have this shade) or if u can, try to get Etain with GHW

    For blue I would suggest only if you can get a hold of the Bleu nuit (gold hardware only) which is offered in current season. I don't think other bleu shades are that nice on a Lindy

    Lindy suits a more light neutral or pop colour shade

    As for leather stick to Clemence for Lindy bags it compliments and ages well with the fortune cookie design and shape
  15. I have Etoupe Clemence GHW Lindy and i am so loving it so far, it is such a nice neutral colour, Also agreed that Lindy also good in pop colour...have no issue so far with colour transfer, i always wear jeans and t-shirt.. For Kelly i have bleu nuit phw and love it! The colour is good for both casual or bit dressier..
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