Deciding between Saint Laurent, Celine, and Balenciaga!

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Which bag do you think is the best!

  1. Celine Nano w/ Silver Hardware

  2. Saint Laurent Medium College w/ Silver Hardware

  3. Balenciaga Classic Mini w/ Silver Hardware

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  4. Balenciaga Classic Mini w/ Regular (Brass) Hardware

  5. Balenciaga Classic Mini w/ Gold Hardware

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi all, I am trying to find the perfect crossbody that I can use as an everyday bag! I don't have the funds to be buying bags i only half love/ wont use all the time. Because of this i try to carefully think about how i can fit a new bag into my lifestyle if that makes any sense! As of right now i only have a Balenciaga Classic City SH and a Louis Vuitton PSM in my collection! I think a crossbody bag would 'complete' my collection for now! I used to have a Louis Vuitton Eva clutch and a gucci mini dionysus, both i loved the look of, but didnt find myself reaching for as often as i had hoped so i ended up selling both of those.
    The three bags I am deciding between are the Saint Laurent medium college in black with the dark silver hardware, a celine nano in grained calfskin with SH, or a balenciaga mini with either gold, silver, or regular hardware. Please help me decide by replying with your thoughts and/or experiences with any of these bags! Thanks in advance:smile: (These are not my pictures, just pictures i have found online)

    This is the Celine nano with Silver Hardware the retail price is $2700 which is quite high, but it is just so beautiful and i would love to have this in my collection! I am only 5'3" and it does hang a little low, but i don't mind that too much.

    This is the Saint Laurent medium College bag in black with ruthenium hardware and is around $2500. I didn't originally have this purse on my radar, but i'm growing on to it! I have not seen this bag in person yet, but i have a feeling i would love it!

    IMG_7992.jpeg IMG_7993.jpeg
    And lastly, the balenciaga mini city bags in gold and silver hardware! ( I couldn't find a picture of the mini city in RH, but i'm sure it's out there somewhere! So i already have a balenciaga classic city in black with SH. But i love the look of this bag so much... do you think it would be excessive having two of the same bags considering i only have a balenciaga city and a louis vuitton palm springs mini in my collection?
  2. I love the look of the Saint Laurent YSL College in Medium. It’s so edgy and classy. I think it works great for day and night. A YSL logo flap bag with Chevron stitching will always be classic.
  3. I've had all of these (balenciagas no longer...but still have a couple of the other 2) and given your needs, I think you'll find the Celine nano more useful.
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  4. Hi! Thanks for the input, may I ask why you no longer have your Balenciaga’s? :smile: And also do you have any pros/ cons about the nano and medium college? Thanks!
  5. I would go for the Celine nano. It can hold a lot and can transition from day to night. I think it's also a more original design than the YSL. The Balenciaga is more casual imo. Good luck deciding!
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  6. I had several colors of the mini and a classic during their heyday in the early 2000s, but sold them after a few years as I had gravitated toward other styles in my collection.

    The nano and college are both great bags but very different IMO as far as functionality and aesthetic. The college is more chic, but due to the interior divider doesn't fit as much as it could. The nano is a more open style and its shape allows it to fit way more....but it's more sophisticated casual. Both are good options for your wardrobe, but if you can only get one, I think the nano would serve you better (although I actually think the souple baby SL sac de jour is an even better chic option in that price range....but that wasn't amongst your options).
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  7. Thanks for that! I would say I am more of a casual dresser and maybe the college would be too much for everyday use? Not too sure! And I actually have been eyeing the SL Sac De Jour, but it doesn’t have a zipped top or covered top like the Saint Laurent college bag :sad:
  8. ...indeed, it seems the Celine nano is the best bet for you
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    I think both bags look can casual! In fact, I think that the design of the YSL in a way is more understated due to it's suppleness, even though it has the big logo in front. It could ofc also, be worn with a dressier outfit, not anything super fancy that requires a clutch or so, ofc, but dressed up. It's always nice to have that option. Whilst I think that the luggage would lean towards "casual only", while it still might require you to look "proper", due to it's boxy, square shape. Or well, you could ofc wear it with a slacky gym attire too, if you'd like. But definitely more business-y than dressed up. I don't know what my point is with all this, probably not helping. Haha. I also don't think that the luggage pairs well with cute dress-attires, it looks better with either jeans- or business pants type of outfits.

    I've never been a fan of the city bags, I just don't get them, but I know they have been super popular forever, so I guess I am just the wrong person to judge them, although I must admit that I found them much nicer in the mini sizes than in the larger ones. Good luck deciding.
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  10. As you already have a city, that narrows it down to 2 bags in my head. And if you can only get one of the 2 you listed, then my vote is for the Luggage. While I don't have that exact bag, my Celine pieces are all in great condition. I've owned various YSL pieces but my SDJ hasn't aged as well given normal wear and tear.

    Anyway, good luck with whatever you choose. :biggrin:
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  11. I've had all these bags and sold the Saint Laurent college and Balenciaga city bag. The Celine nano is still in my collection and this little bag holds A LOT! I always tell my bf that Mary Poppins has nothing on with me with this bag and is definitely a black hole. I've used the Celine Nano the most for travel too and it's perfect for my needs.

    Balenciaga and Saint Laurent college bag I felt it didn't give me "enough room" for those just in case moments if I wanted to carry a bottle of water with me. Also, I didn't like how over time these bags would lose shape and bulge out if I needed to carry a little more. I also found the Balenciaga city bag strings annoying for travel.
    I don't carry much to begin with (LV key holder, Hermes Calvi wallet, small phone charger, earpods, and drawstring bag as my make up bad that only holds up tissues, eye liner, Shout wipes, bandaids, chap stick, and nail file.). And this fits all into my Celine Nano with lots of room for MORE. I'll also hold a Poland Spring water bottle in there and it fits and isn't bulky. The Celine Nano is one of my favorite purchases and best investment bags. It's beautiful and practical.
    Hope this helps!
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  12. I’m a fan of all 3 brands but I personally think that if you were going to go for a Celine luggage, the micro is a more versatile bag than the nano, and likewise for Balenciagas, the full size bags wer more versatile because they also come with a shoulder strap and you can arm carry both bags as well. Whereas if you look at the YSL (yeah, I’m never calling it SLP), it was ever only designed as a shoulder bag and so it tends to look the best when shoulder slung.

    Privately, I would get a micro Celine Luggage, mostly because Phoebe’s gone and no one knows how long the Luggage will hang around with Slimane at the helm.
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  13. Do you think the Celine Nano is worth buying full price? I love the experience buying retail, but I would love to know other people's thoughts on this! I have never bought from TheRealReal or Fashionphile yet, but i am considering it!
  14. I originally bought one at retail...but returned as I ultimately didn't like the color when I got it home. So, I ended up getting mine from fashionphile as (i) I wanted color combos that were not currently available or on the horizon in the foreseeable future at retail and (ii) I didn't want to settle for what they had available at retail.

    So, either option is fine as long as you're buying from a reputable source, and I believe they still do authentication on the Celine forum if you're unsure. Of course, know what's a good price as well as it's not worth saving just a few $ for a resale item IMO unless there are special factors.
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  15. Agreed!