Deciding between Neverfull and Totally

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  1. How to decide between the two? What are the things to consider? Help me decide!
  2. #2 Jun 1, 2016
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    Edited due to misreading title....

    Zipper vs open, strap drop, strap width. I exchanged my NF due to the narrow straps and short strap drop. I initially exchanged for a Delightful but also wanted a tote style bag. The Totally was the next best thing IMO. Wider straps, zip top, and longer strap drop.
  3. I originally wanted a Neverfull MM until I tried it on in store and didn't find it comfortable on my shoulder. The straps were too thin and the drop was too short for my liking. I ended up getting a Totally MM and am so happy with the decision. The straps are much more comfortable, and now that I have it, I am thankful to have the zipper top as well as the exterior pockets. I also found that as much as I like the Neverfull on other people, it didn't aesthetically suit me as well as the Totally does.
  4. I sold my neverfull after two months to get the totally. I love it for traveling, I feel like my items are safer with a zipper. I would pribably get the NF again if I have a baby.
  5. I'm going under the assumption you are looking at the MM sizes for both, not PM sizes (unless I'm wrong).

    I got the Totally MM first, the Neverfull MM second. Not saying that you should get both (you can be happy with just one), but I like them for different reasons.

    What I like about the Totally MM: Not a common bag at all, secure zip top, very comfortable (the bag hugs around my body, which I like), has lots of pockets for easy organization. Makes a good work bag.

    This is my personal view on it, but I don't think the Totally MM is as big as some people make it out to be. It is a structured bag with a zipper and its interior lining cuts the amount of space in the bag. It's definitely more of a purse than a tote.

    What I like about the Neverfull MM: Very easy to carry, fits a lot (more than the totally), easy to throw things inside and go. Makes a good travel and shopping bag.

    Interestingly, I haven't had issues with the straps being uncomfortable with the Neverfull but I don't like to overstuff my bags. The only thing I really dislike about it is that it is very common and I get self-conscious when I see someone carry the same bag as I am (I know it's a mental thing but still). A true tote bag.

    Hope this helps...
  6. How funny, I just asked this question a couple of days ago! I decided to keep my mono NF because I already own a DE Totally MM and I want variety in my collection. They're both awesome bags! Good luck deciding! :smile:
  7. Whats the print of your bags?
  8. Actually I wont be confused if Mono, because I want the Neverfull in Mono. However, Im thinking of getting the DE and afraid of the horror stories of the straps of Neverfull. I want to use it for work too so Im leaning more on the DE.
  9. I have the damier totally and mono neverfull. I hear the damier neverfull is uncomfortable, but I can't confirm.
  10. Hmmm... See.. This is what im frightened about.. 😓
  11. Both styles are great, but depends on what will fit your needs. If you want your belongings to be extra secured, go with the Totally because it is a zipped tote. I also think it looks more professional as a work bag. With all that being said, I love the Neverfull is very spacious, has longer handle drop, and you can change the shape of the bag by cinching the sides. The Neverfull has been used by people as a travel bag, school bag, and/or everyday bag :smile:
  12. Between the two the Totally is the better option IMHO; it has a zippered top, plenty of pockets, and the overall construction is more robust than the NF. It's also more comfortable to wear, especially when heavy or for longer periods of time, due to the wider straps and more generous strap drop. Don't get me wrong, the NF is a great bag as well, especially if you tend to carry a lot of things or like to travel frequently, but it has some downfalls as well with the most noticeable being those thin straps digging in. I have the GM in DE and it's something of a fickle shoulder buddy.
  13. Hmm- I'm going to go against the grain and say that I too own both but love my NF I have 3! The totally is more comfortable but not roomy at all- I originally purchased it to use and a diaper bag and I couldn't carry everything that I needed in it.
    I live in a big city and have the NF MM and use it as my work bag/ i am not really concerned with security as it close to my body and I throw a scarf on top of my things. I subway and sometimes bus and never had a problem. Either way you really can't go wrong!
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