Deciding about Victoria..

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  1. I'm thinking about to add a Victoria II to my collection; in either Orange/Feu, Etoupe or a dark green/grey like Canopee, Vert Olive etc (if I could find one).

    I already have one orange bag (Picotin) and waiting for one in Etoupe (B) and it might not be ideal to have multiple bags in the same color. On the other hand these are my two favorite H colors...

    What do you think? Is Victoria a good complement to a collection of Picos, Lindy, B and K? Which color matches the style of the Victoria best?

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460728013.825679.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460728023.643594.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460728033.328360.jpg
  2. Blue electrique and rouge casaque my best bet for Victoria in clemence
  3. i have a victoria in parchment while i love its shape
    i havent used it much because it is quite heavy and the handle arent as i m used to with other h bags...
  4. I love the Victoria in Cafe!! And the Blue Jean one is gorgeous too!
  5. I'm a Victoria fan, especially as a bag for traveling. Because it's just a great expanse of leather, I think any color you fancy is going to look great, whether pop or neutral. Pick something that makes you happy :smile:
  6. If you have a Lindy I would not get a Victoria (depending on the size of the Lindy). IMO they serve a similar purpose, but the Victoria is not as comfortable on the shoulder and it's lined in canvas, so gets dirty more easily.
  7. Depends on what you like...I would love a "dark green/grey like Canopee, Vert Olive etc" or maybe a red one someday.
    I have Victoria in Mykonos and Lindy 26 in Graphite and I use these two bags the most. Victoria is a perfect travel bag.
  8. I think the Victoria is the most under rated Hermes bag ever to be honest. I've been looking at them myself for quite some time and finally purchased one on my last trip. Mine is Gris T with palladium and I tossed on a Carmen in Cafe just for fun.

    Since you already have orange and you're waiting for Etoupe see if you can find one in green...right now there seems to be many on the site!
  9. Smom is right about underrated...

    Because it is a bigger bag, I wouldn't go for a in-your-face colour. IYKWIM

    I like etoupe but if u have it, my second choice is raisin... Neutral

    Good luck with your choice
  10. Thank you su much everyone for chiming in! :smile: I will probably try to get one in dark green, and even consider a color outside my comfort zone, like gris t... I do love etoupe but my concern is about multiple bags in the same color! Decisions...

  11. I love my etoupe Victoria! I got mine in Paris last year as the price was too good to resist. It's versatile, under the radar, functional and looks great! I have a birkin, Lindy, Calvi and wallet in etoupe but the color is a great neutral I don't mind having more. The bag style makes a huge difference imo...
  12. victoria is a great and elegant bag
    i do love her however it is true that it doesnt sit as well on the shoulder..
  13. I had a victoria and eventually she was adopted by my sister. My victoria always slid off my was also quite rectangular on me on my was great in the crook of my arm but i wanted a comfy shoulder bag so i got a lindy instead. i think the victoria looks great on others. just was not right for 2cents.
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    If you're asking whether you should get a Victoria II then yes you definitely should! I love mine. It's roomy and so comfortable. I use a Mai Tai insert to protect the fabric interior, which is lighter because if it ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461324718.521128.jpg Mine is in blue jean so you might get a darker more conservative color but I wouldn't get two bags in the same color ️ ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461327940.118176.jpg

  15. Wow I love blue jean color on your Victoria!! Stunning bag!!