Decided to sell my Tan Paddington

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  1. I think I'm going to list it tomorrow on ebay and will post it in the marketplace so keep an eye out for it :nuts: Feel free to PM if you want details ;) Mine is the first generation so it's slightly less wrinkled/smooshy than the new ones, more structured. Hardware is immaculate, none of the issues that the new ones have. Cream canvas interior free of any marks, stains, odors, just perfect. Will come with dustbag and carecard.

    Realized today after everyone's help that the Chloe just isn't me. It's too much $ to sit around not being used, when I could get some LVs I want instead (if anyone has LVs they want to trade, I might consider that also as I'm planning on using the $ on other bags).

    Thanks girls!
  2. G'luck with your sale! I just relisted my noir since I havent heard back from LVR about the pro forma invoice :blink: And if you list it with best offer be prepared for some wacky amounts. Someone offered me $100. :suspiciou
  3. And if you list it with best offer be prepared for some wacky amounts. Someone offered me $100. :suspiciou[/quote]

    Hee Hee, that's too funny! :nuts:
  4. Hi, I pm'd ya!
  5. Good luck! :biggrin:
  6. Thanks so much girls! $100 OMG what did you do LOL! I would have died.
  7. what year is the first generation? and what generation are we up to now?
  8. First I was :nuts: when I saw the offer email and then it was :evil: when I saw the amount. Some people, I mean the FAKES on ebay are more than $100:sick:
  9. You ain't kidding nawth! I saw some fakes go for like $500. Do they just not know they are fakes or would rather pay $500 for a fake? Just awful. Your post made me laugh lol (especially little greenie smiley holding back his lunch).
  10. Why is it taking LVR so long to give your return code? This isnt good business practice! By the time they send it, your return period would have been over. Good luck to you - hope you're able to sell.
  11. Heres the deal, I got the return authorization at the end of last week plus a pro forma invoice that needs to be sent with the bag. The invoice has someone elses name, address, item to be returned, value, ugh :Push: So right after I got that email I sent them another one asking what is up with this invoice? I mean, is it the wrong one, am i supposed to change all the information? But the email said I had 14 days to return from the day I got that email so I'm still in the timeframe but I'm pissed.
  12. They should extend your return time if they made a mistake. So frustrating!
  13. ... for a reason. i would be too.