decided to return my flat pouch, now what.....

  1. Ok i have been debating whether to return my pomme flat pouch or not. too flat....but love the color soooo much.

    cant decide so i tossed a coin and it said yes. now what???? get my money back less the P+P -£10 or get the batignolles vertical????

    the BV right now is £350 which is £55 cheaper (dunno why) so it seems a good buy.

    i was thinking of this bag before xams but i'm not a fan of patina so kept debating about it but now that it has reduced in price shall i get it???

    BV or BH???

    i was also thinking of getting something in pomme too but cant see anything i like apart from the lexington but £310 is a bit too much plus i dun go out to dinner parties enough to make a good use out of my £310.
    then thought of epi pochette but same again will i use it in a regular basis.

    i am also hoping for the sophie to comes to the UK too. i will definately get it even if i dun use it at all, love the sophie.

    other suggestions in bags etc all welcome. just help me to decide.
  2. I saw the Pomme d'Amour flat pouch today at the boutique and thought it was gorgeous, but couldn't justify purchasing it--too small and too flat-- I don't really have a practical use for it. IMO I like the BH better than the BV because it is a little bit larger. If you don't like patina, maybe you could get a Damier tote like the Parioli (don't know if that's spelled right). I still think the Lexington is too much money for the size, again not very practical for me. The Epi pochette is nice but is a little bit smaller than the mono and Damier pochettes. Good luck with your search! :smile:
  3. I guess we have the same taste!
    I want a Sophie too that's why I didn't go for the Flat Pouch, JIC... Why don't you try to sell it on eBay for more money?
    I have an Epi Pochette and I love it. Just like my Azure pochette I love it so much I want an Epi Speedy.
    I am also interested in BV or BH but I'm not a big fan of patina either. That's why Epi is first on my list.

    You know what if the BV or BH was reduced in price in the US I would def snatch it up. That's a great deal!
  4. I would get the BH.
  5. eBay the flat pouch girl..........might as well make some extra cash off it to go towards the new bag you're gonna buy!!
  6. I too want the Sophie but I have called 866 as well as two of my local boutiques only to be told NO SOPHIE IN THE US!!
    So I figure if it does eventually come out, I will just sell my kids to get it. Besides I do have two of them, so one's a spare! hehe...JUST KIDDING!
    But seriously the Sophie is only about $400 so it wouldn't be that hard to buy that and ebay something else.
  7. get the BH