Decided to part with my Pewter First

  1. Hi everyone. Last night, I was going to take my Pewter First out for the first time since I purchased it, but again I just decided to go with my smaller evening clutches. I think I'm going to have to part with it. It's such a stunning and lovely colour but I am not getting much use out of it as I would like. I posted it up in the WTS section.....
  2. Good luck on your sale!!;)
  3. awwww goodluck on the sale!!!! it's such a lovely bag!!!:love:
  4. Awww, thats too bad SS, had it been a couple days earlier I would have taken it off your hands! I just paid for one though.

    Oh well....I'm sure you'll sell it fast!
  5. Good luck on your sale! I'm sure you will make someone very happy!
  6. Good luck! I don't think you'll have any problem finding it a new home!
  7. its sooo pretty! it'll sell fast:smile:
  8. It's a great bag! I'm sure it will be snatched up quickly.
  9. awww... good luck sweetsparkle!
  10. I PMed you back, Sweetsparkle...
  11. Good luck - that is one gorgeous bag, you will sell it fast.
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