Decided to let go my Potiron Birkin and after 30 cm Birkin

  1. I decided to parted with my Potiron Birkin because it is a little big for me. I am after 30 cm now and would love to have one soon. I am sort of sad but I think I might be better with 30 cm instead. I am after the Ostrich now, maybe Kelly or maybe Birkin. But I love the Ostrich leather so much or even crocodile, but then I have to sell 3 Birkins to get 1 Crocodile....ha.....ha....
  2. Well, at least you are going after a bag that you will enjoy more. That is all that is important, and once you get it, I am sure it will ease the sting of giving up that gorgeous Potiron Birkin!!! Keep us posted!!!
  3. Yeah, you are right. I would always want in 30 cm but have never been lucky enough. I am hoping in September where I would get good paycheck, then I would go to Hermes SF :yes: and check what is available. That Bombay is also very very cute :P