Decided to keep the lovely Large 2.55 Reissue!

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  1. Hi folks! This would be my very first thread here, sharing my joy of getting the lovely 2.55 Reissue in Large size. Will also share the mod pictures of the bag & a pair of gorgeous earrings I got from Heathrow Airport. Previously I posted picture of the reissue in Plum color on some threads, I took it to Chanel in malaysia for an exchange today! So, wanna take a guess which color of reissue I changed to? :P
    image-975901318.jpg image-85481441.jpg
  2. Do you need to pay for price difference when doing Global Exchange?
  3. Congrats!!! How come you exchange the plum with the blue?
  4. U need to, if you're exchanging to different model or size, but I only changed the color, so I didn't have to pay the price difference =)
  5. Thank you babe! Haha, it's actually the black with gold chain, the one besides it is Maroon color (caviar). Maybe pics below can see better :P
    image-1437202449.jpg image-4048641398.jpg
  6. Hey, I remember you from the other thread, the one about creases in reissues!
    So glad that you could exchange yours with the BEST reissue combo ever! Congrats! Now we are bag twins. ;)

    ETA: Oops! Did I get it right? If you had chosen the burgundy, that's a great color too. :biggrin:
  7. That's good to know, thanks OP:smile:
    I never do global exchange before, I wish I did to few of my bags that I bought overseas tho! :sad:
  8. My guess is that you exchanged it with the black and gold HW, is that right??
    The black with GHW is gorgy!!
  9. :love: big congrats :love:
  10. Correct!! I got it exchanged to the matte black distressed calfskin with gold chain hahha! Because I think that color is classic enough rather than the maroon caviar.

    Serrazane, yup I was the one asking abt the creases on bag. And now I've got it exchanged, I'm happy with this reissue 227! What size is yours? How u usually carried the bag? Double strap or single?

    Below are pics of unboxing :P
    image-188259859.jpg image-964663197.jpg image-2657965773.jpg image-2520755112.jpg image-1383706026.jpg
  11. And I must say that I'm very lucky to get to exchange the color, as Chanel in SG is not selling the Plum color, thus they are unable to do the exchange for me. Luckily I called up Chanel in KLCC Malaysia, they have this color selling in store! So I went down immediately and got the gorgeous black with gold chain back home. It's the only combi with gold chain. Seen many metallic colors available in store but the SA strongly recommended me to get the matte or caviar as metallic isn't suitable for everyday use.
  12. Congrats!
  13. Congrats! Vey happy for you! Beautiful Reissue!
  14. Thank you Passau & Maddie!!! I'm so happy with this now. Gonna take out my clothes from wardrobe to see what attire matches the bag best. Lol! :P
  15. It looks beautiful on you. May I know how tall you are? Actually I have the same bag. However, I never used it and have been thinking about selling it and get 226. I feel it's too big for my 5'3" petite figure. I'm still debating.