decided to get a croco fino satchel, need help

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  1. I can't decide which color I want, taupe, bordeaux, or brown-t-moro. any suggestions?
  2. I personally love the bordeaux and taupe. The taupe is so pretty with the contrast, and the bordeaux is beautiful (I love dark red). Are you looking for a bag to wear with a lot of outfits as an everyday bag, or more of a statement bag? I think the taupe would go with almost anything. But the bordeaux would too, it just seems a little more fancy to me.
  3. That's a tough one because they are all so beautiful. I would say if you like contrast, the Taupe has the most of it. It's a great color that goes with just about everything. The brown T-moro is more subdued and uniform. The bordeaux is "WOW" but might not go with as much. Have you watched the QVC presentation? You can watch it online. Are you ordering from the outlet? They were 65% off at my outlet last Saturday. I almost got the taupe, but I held out. Now I'm kicking myself. It's probably gone. It's a gorgeous bag in every color. Good luck.
  4. Oh wow, 65% off? That's awesome. They might still have it! I would be tempted but I have a croco embossed bag from coach that is way too similar in a cognac color.
  5. I'm looking for an everyday bag but I pretty much wear jeans all the time so I don't really try to match my clothes with my bag. taupe or bordeaux is what I'm leaning toward.
  6. I did a trade in so I'm getting it with my trade in credit. I called the reading pa outlet and they said they were only 50% off. my husband likes the bordeaux and I do wear alot of red tops and jeans but I never worry about matching. I think that I will go to qvc and take a look at the video.
  7. I know exactly what you mean. I mostly wear jeans too and don't match my bag that much. So if that isn't a big deal for you, then go with your heart! Do you already have a red or taupe bag? Do you prefer the contrast or the dark red? If you are getting the 65% off on them I would get both! lol but I know you are trying to decide and that isn't helpful ;)
  8. Oh I just saw you reply about it being a trade in. Then in that case I would get something different than you already have.