Decided to finally WEAR my first LOUBOUTINS!! (w/ pics)

  1. Here are pics ...

    OH and i also decided to pull out my new LV bag that has been sitting in it's dustbag and box for the past 2 1/2 - 3 weeks....i'm glad it's sunny out today =)


  2. Those are HOT!!!
  3. Very cute, it is raining so hard where I live. = (
  4. omg...very cute out fit and congrats on the shoes..i love ur outfit btw...enjoy!
  5. love them! great outfit too!
  6. They look fabulous! Love the outfit too.
  7. So cute! Are the patent? Love the bag also.
  8. Such a gorgeous combo! :heart:
  9. beautiful shoes!!!
  10. I love those. where did you buy them?
  11. i ordered them through Saks they had a book full of shoes!
  12. Looking good ;) I love the nude best, it looks hot against the red sole.
  13. Love them!
  14. they look even better on you! :smile:

    I'm still jealous :p
  15. Gorgeous!!