decided to clean my ellipse....

  1. two wipes with the baby wipes. And conditioned.
    Now drying...

    IMG_6140 (1).jpg IMG_6141.jpg IMG_6143.jpg
  2. after....

    the handles are still wet.. but i'll post pic's in a few hours after they have had a chance to dry.
    IMG_6153 (1).jpg IMG_6152 (1).jpg IMG_6150 (1).jpg
  3. LOL Hooray for baby wipes. :p
  4. they work great!!
  5. Lovely bag and nice patina! :heart:
  6. ^^ thank you.
  7. Lovely! I just used my Ellipse PM yesterday, she needs to work on her Patina.
  8. Hope you enjoyed using her :smile: