Decided to buy my mother the Ergo --

  1. I want to get her the medium ergo hobo -- but am unsure about whether I should get her the signature (khaki) or in camel leather.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Sorry to tell you, but the medium sig. is kind of hard to get on the shoulder without having to use the other hand to put it on. :shrugs: But because you're thinking leather, I'd go with that because it may give more bend when putting it on and feel better on the shoulder.
  3. camel leather =)
    the sig is too too stiff.
  4. does the sig stuff get any softer over time?

    i think the getting it over the shoulder is going to be important to her.. my first instinct was the leather but then I realized she does like patterned bags as well. This would be her first Coach bag.. she normally carries very inexpensive bags until they basically fall apart (and then still carries them!!). I want to ger her something nice she'll have for a loooong time.
  5. I think leather is more "classic", but that's JMHO. I also think that camel is such a great neutral color. Is this a style she would like? What about something from the classic collection, like a legacy hobo? I'm sure that she'll really appreciate whatever you give to her--what a thoughtful gift!
  6. The camel leather is fabulous. The signature is stiff, that's correct, and it doesn't free up a lot over time. A little, you'll notice, but not like leather does. The leather is really classic and she can carry it for years and years. What a great gift, you're an awesome daughter!
  7. i have the med camel ergo hobo and i think its amazing i tried on the sig in the store and this one was so much better

    is so soft and smells amazing and the color is great i def say go with the camel leather!!!
  8. I think i'm sold on the leather :smile:
  9. definitely the leather!
  10. Another vote for the leather!
  11. Camel leather

    And what a sweet gift!