Decided to buy a Houston, question about colors!

  1. The vernis addiction never ends does it? :p

    I've decided to get a vernis houston, to me it seems like the best bag. The only thing is, I can't afford a brand new from the boutique just yet, so it has to be off eBay. The colors I've decided on are framboise (first choice), beige or silver. Are beige and silver ok for this bag? I've read that silver tends to turn green over time... and beige is suspect to color transfer. I'd like some opinions and advice, TIA!

    BTW Keep your eyes PEELED for a houston in framboise... :sneaky:
  2. I like the Framboise the most... it's so pretty IRL!
  3. Oh yes ... definitely the framboise!
  4. Well, I have framboise and beige and love both.
    I'd actually consider a darker color though since it's a bigger bag. Though I LOVE the silver. I got a Lexington not too long ago in that color and as long as you don't see any yellowing when you buy it, it should be fine. My Lex doesn't have any signs of yellowing or extra glue whatsoever.
    So I'd go with the silver.
  5. framboise!
  6. Framboise! Vernis is known for it's eye catching color, so either Pomme or Framboise will be great for you. Have you also consider the Brentwood? It's a tab bigger than Houston, but the straps are adjustable :flowers:
  7. Between Framboise, Beige or Silver .... I'd definitely get FRAMBOISE. :tup:
  8. I've heard & seen the baby blue turn slightly green, but not the silver. Both colors + the beige are more prone to color transfers though. I'd suggest going with framboise...easier to care for and also much more gorgeous!
  9. I think the framboise would be beautiful!
  10. framboise for me too
  11. Go with Framboise. Much peppier looking in the pink than the other two colors.
  12. I saw one for sale by karenkooper on eBay and on her website (

    heres the link to her website:

    Its priced at $1050 and its in new condition! She has lots of pictures!

    I bought the houston in the Fuchsia color!
  13. framboise :heart:3 i love that color to deathhh :smile:
  14. The price on Karen Kooper is a bit too high for me, lol. If someone sees any in framboise in ebay... report back to me plz! :sneaky:
  15. I have a spring st. in silver and I have to tell you I love the color! It matches everything (well, except for maybe brown) and the color is so pretty.

    You have to be a little careful of color transfer with the lighter colors, but nothing drastic.