Decided on three bags......need help (which one)


Which should be Zoes (me) first Chanel bag?

  1. Mini Flap!

  2. White on Black Medium Cambon Tote

  3. White on Black Cambon Pochette

  4. Get another bag (post please)

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  1. Hey guys

    Usually an LV chica, but anyways....

    I have decided between the Mini Flap, the Medium white on black Cambon tote, and the white on black Pochette...

    Mini FLap:

    -good size (im not exactly the tallest person)
    - cute

    -might look like the bag is too old for me (im 12.........teehee)
    -it actually might be too small

    Medium white on black Cambon Tote:

    -one of my fave lines
    -not too big or too small

    -faked alot

    White on Black Cambon Pochette:

    -fave line
    -shoulder bag

    -might be too small (probably not though)

    So ladies (and gentlemen, what do you think??

    Which Chanel Bag should be Zoe's (meeee:p) first ever Chanel bag??
  2. Flap!!!:tup:
  3. i really need help!
  4. Did you say that you are 12? Wow! You are already acquiring sophisticated tastes!
  5. ^ ya.....i am 12

    almost 13 though!!!


    :heart: bags
  6. no one?? (me sadd)
  7. :sad: need help peeps!
  8. Here is my honest opinion:
    I don't think you should get any of your choices. The cambon bags, though beautiful, are highly faked. If I ever saw a 12 year old carrying one, I would automatically assume it is fake. (I'm sorry but it's the truth!) The lambskin flap is also one that I would not choose because 1. it's lambskin and maybe you would like to opt for something more durable for your first bag? 2. it's TINY! you want to be able to carry something in it! :biggrin:

    Rather than the three you have, I would opt for the PST. I think it's a great size considering that you are still young. It's also made in caviar leather so it's durable. And it's CLASSIC! It is a very cute bag (I am vying for its older sister, the GST) and one that will last a very long time. A very worthy investment and a great piece for your first!

    Good luck with your purchase and I hope you have fun! :biggrin:
  9. I agree with X, I would go with either the PST or the East West flap. Great bags and hardly faked!
  10. what does a PST look like?
  11. classic flap, medium size
  12. A PST is a good choice.
  13. chanel peeps-

    now you have me hooked on the PST and the GST!!!!

    Question #1: Is the GST too big for me?

    Question #2: How much is the PST and the GST?

    Question #3: What colors do they come in?

    Sorry about all the q' a real newbie
  14. 12???? your parents give you or allowed you to slurge w/ this amount???:nuts::nuts:
  15. do you think the pst is age appropriate? not too old looking?