Decided on Returning the Mandarin Petit Noe.

  1. I did love it when I opened it up...but after carrying it around, I just didn't like the structure and the drawstring. So I will be returning it on Monday. Darn it!! I guess I better find something else for summer. :hysteric:
  2. Aww I'm sorry! I hope you find something you like better.
    I know how you feel about the Noe..I can't stand that drawstring.
  3. I have heard stories about the drawstring, but I thought I wouldn't mind it. I guess I do have an issue about it. It's kind of a pain in the arse!!
  4. I am sorry too. I hope you find something else you like for the summer
  5. i can't stand the drawstring either. i reminds me of those nylon Nike bags the athletes put their shoes in :lol:

    you'll find a better bag. maybe something in the Multicolore line for summer?
  6. Thanks everyone for the support!! I would like something in the MC line.
  7. I cannot figure out the drawstring on the Petit Noe for the life of me. I ended up selling mine on eBay because the string would always get uneven and be ridiculously long on one side and extremely short on the other. Then the bag wouldn't properly close and I would just let it hang open. Too much work!
  8. It is too much work for a simple zipper girl like me. Oh well, live and learn, right? It just didn't work for me.
  9. Lol. Exactly why I won't get a Manhattan GM or a Noe..I'd end up leaving the buckle on the Manhattan hanging since it'd be a hassle to undo all the time and the Noe would just take way too much time to tie and re-tie.
    What kind of MC bag were you thinking..shoulder or hand held?
  10. Well I have enough speedies. So what all does the MC line have for shoulder bags?
  11. boulogne, sologne, lodge, noe, eliza and I think that is all
  12. thanks!! Forget the noe though. LOL.
  13. Also, the Aurelia.
  14. Here:
    Bologne [​IMG]
    Sologne [​IMG]
    Lodge PM [​IMG]
    Lodge GM [​IMG]
    Aurelia GM [​IMG]
    Eliza [​IMG]
    Leonor [​IMG]
  15. hey missypoo i'm sorry that you havent fallen in love with the NOE... good luck with finding something new! i totally suggest something MC for summer!