Decided on Paris...Now What to Get?

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  1. So this will overlap with other brands, but since the Louis Vuitton subforum gets the most traffic, I am hoping I'll get some great answers here!

    DH and I have finally booked our Europe trip! We are doing 3 weeks in Europe, with most of our time spent in London and Rotterdam (because I have family there) and an up and down trip throughout Italy. Paris was not on the initial itinerary, but DH said we should just purchase some cheap train tickets and spend two days there since I would enjoy the shopping experience (I always do when we go) and the eateries.

    So here's my first-world dilemma. If I go, I am allowed 4 bags (already approved by DH). I have one down but i don't know what other 3 I might want. Not that I NEED anymore bags to add to my already overfilling closets in our home, but it's an offer that comes every 2 years and I feel like I should jump on it.

    Here's what I have so far. If you don't like any, feel free to chime in with suggestions. I would prefer leather bags only. Not that I have anything against canvas; I just can't and won't justify paying thousands of dollars for canvas.

    - 32 Kelly in togo leather (color undecided) This is my definite get bag if stock is available.

    Louis Vuitton:
    - W Tote (variation undecided)
    - Alma Vernis PM in Lilac (New Spring color)
    - Alma Vernis PM in Indian Rose
    - Capucines PM (color undecided) I already have one in Viola.

    - Dior Box Calf Bar Bag in Blush

    - MIcro Luggage (color undecided) I have a couple and not sure what colors I might want to add to my collection or if the store even has any available
    - Tricolor Trapeze (colors undecided)

    - Le Boy (color/style/size undecided) I already have a black medium Le Boy.
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    Definitely come home with 4 bags so we can see the reveal. :woohoo:
    How about the Vernis Brea?

    My 4: Kelly, W Tote, Capucines, and Brea. :P
  3. My 4 - Hermes, W, capucines and Chanel :smile: I like celine but feel that it isn't as classic as the others
  4. I would get the Capucines in Lilac or Red they are so pretty have fun in Paris....I'm sure it will be beautiful I can't wait to go we are going at the end of September, I hope you get the Kelly I'm hoping to score a Birkin in either a Lagoon Blue or Rose Pink in togo leather while I'm there can not wait for you're reveal
  5. Oh, have a wonderful time, sounds like a great trip
  6. I agree with this!
  7. Have a great trip. I'm assuming you're not too worried about the tax hit when you bring your goods back home.
    Thinking about me makes me wince.
  8. Thank you everyone for your quick responses!

    I have a Brea MM in rose velour. I am not sure if Brea is the type of bag you can collect in different colors. There is a new color coming out in the spring for the brea. I believe it's called amethyst. There's nothing in the current collection that screams out to me and I don't like the epi design very much, so we'll see when amethyst makes its debut!

    Aren't we all just hoping to score a Kelly or Birkin overseas? LOL But I've heard that is it much easier getting one in europe than in the US. Hopefully, I will get one. I am going in late June, it's a busy tourist month, so hopefully there will be some stock.

    Not really. This isn't the first time I've done a large purchase in Paris. However, this time my two brothers will be with me for our Europe trip, so worse case scenario, I'll have each person carry one bag and declare one item per person.
  9. My choice: hermes kelly, LV capucines, Dior Bar bag, Celine mini luggage. :P
  10. Any of the above you selected are gorgeous. Have a wonderful time and a safe trip.
  11. I really like your enthusiasm for handbags, go girl! :ghi5: But I have no idea what you should get, LOL!! I hope you'll do a "cheating on Mr. Vuitton" reveal, though, if you decide to go that way.

  12. I plan on doing one sooner than Paris! :P
  13. Wow!!! I vote Hermes Kelly, LV Capucines or Alma (the 2 colors you listed are gorgeous. You could get both almost for price of Capucines, however the savings from the VAT and hopefully after exchange rate you probable save quite a bit on the Capucine), Dior (color sounds very pretty), and Chanel Le Boy. Have fun, fun, fun!
  14. wow, I just did the same with the up and down trip throughout Italy
    and for your question: hermes, dior, chanel, and lv W (in yellow)
    have much much fun!