Decided on my new wallet!

  1. After much debate, I finally settled on the Bleecker leather checkbook wallet in wine:
    (sorry dont know how to link photos!!)

    It was really hard to pick - I narrowed it down to between the Legacy leather and the Bleecker leather, but in the end I just like the design of the Bleecker better. Then i had to pick a color, and I liked the British Tan, but then I saw the Wine. It matches absolutely nothing, so hopefully it'll work as a neutral and go with everything! That was my logic in justifying the color choice anyway! Its just so rich and beautiful. Unfortunately this is part of my bday present so I just put it away in the bag w/the other stuff hidden in my husband's office! Oh well...come on December!
  2. Excellent choice!:tup::tup:
  3. Good choice! The wine is a really nice color and I love the Bleeker wallets!
  4. Beautiful!!!! :tup:
  5. Thank you!! I'm really happy to finally get a really nice wallet and stop with all of the mini skinnies - the amount I spent on matching skinnies I could have had several nice wallets by now!
  6. Veeery nice!!!! I love the contrast between wine and magenta!!!!! What's not to love about PINK!!!!!!!
  7. Ooops! At first I posted about the green and yellow wallet.....I see you are getting the wine w/ magenta lining....NICE!!!!
  8. :tup:pretty
  9. Sounds like a good choice to me!!!! :tup: I'm saving my pennies to get the small black bleecker wallet. It's not on the website, but I saw it in the store. A perfect match for my large black bleecker flap! Can't wait!

    Enjoy yours!
  10. Very nice.
  11. Great choice!! I love the bleecker leather. It is amazing. I have this wallet (and color) in my short term wishlist.
  12. Great choice, the Wine Bleecker Checkbook Wallet! I purchased the same one when they were released. However, I don't carry my checkbook because I don't want the wallet to have a wide gap over time. Unfortunately for me, COACH didn't make a slim wallet in the Bleecker Collection, so this style had to work instead. I really Love it, Enjoy your purchase!:tup:
  13. I love your choice!
  14. Coachgrl, I dont plan to carry my checkbook with me either, but the checkbook section appears to come right out and it seems like i could use it to keep my checkbook in at home.
  15. I love it!