Decided on, another question

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  1. Thanks again to everyone for their input, it was much appreciated.
    Ok, so for my soon to be Avocado Boogie...It's available thru Ebay from [​IMG]Cjour Store for $195 and also Must Have Bag for $199. I know some have had to return one bag or another due to coloring issues.
    Has this been an issue for many of you?? If so, should I just go with MHB for the ability to return or exchange?
  2. I vote MHB just so you'll have piece of mind especially since the prices are so close. This way you'll get a dustbag and if you end up for whatever reason not liking it you can exchange it. Good luck!
  3. I would go w/ MHB for three reason:

    1. Customer service is second to none
    2. Dustbag! I know that may seem small to some peeps but not to me!
    3. The tPF discount!!! Your Boogie will be 10% off w/ free regular shipping!!!! That's way less than the eBay seller! :tup:
  4. I agree. With the discount, great CS and TPF discount I'd rather go with MHB.
  5. Go with MHB! Like voodoo said it will be cheaper PLUS you have the security of a return, a dustbag, etc!
  6. Agree w/all, I'd go w/MHB.
  7. Go MHB. I've bought from Cjourstore and had a good experience. But the no return policy, no dustbag and I believe I paid both CA sales tax and shipping make MHB a better deal (plus think of the 10% off!).
  8. MHB....definilty!
  9. I've seen in other threads that LB offers a 20% discount with the code gretchen and I believe free s&h. I don't remember their return/exchange policy but you can look that up online. They have a pretty good site IMO. I've emailed them before and they responded quickly. Like everyone else, MHB has great customer service, friendly and knowledgeable staff. They seem to also offer the best variety/colors of all the sites.
  10. wise friends. A million thanks. Im placing my order with MHB first thing in the morning.
  11. LB has great CS, free shipping and the 20% off is great. But keep in mind their bags are usually priced about $20 higher than MHB. So 20% off at LB and 10% off at MHB still come out to the same price. Both are good choices but with MHB you get a dustbag too. I order from MHB unless they don't have something. Then I look to LB and SOB....and then Ebay as a last resort.
  12. SOB! That made me laugh out loud! I'm guessing you meant TOB. :smile:
  13. LMAO!!!! Too many acronyms. Yes, I meant TOB. I guess you can tell who doesn't have the cleanest mouth in the laundry room. :shame:
  14. lol knas! nice catch Mama! I had read that and didn't even notice!