Decided on Anthracite! First or City?

  1. I just put my name in for an Anthracite bbag at BalNYC w/Daphne! She says they should be here sometime in February. Now the hard part... first or city? This will be my first bbag and I am very excited!
  2. City.
  3. You should be open minded and look at both. But I think if it's going to be a multi-purpose day/evening bag, you'll probably want the City because you can put a folding umbrella, water bottle, sweater etc.

    However, if it's going to mostly be an evening bag, then you should consider the First, which is a little more elegant.

    I already have a dark first (Marron), so I am on the list for an Anthracite City. It will be my first City, and I think it's going to be great in that color.
  4. I love the city. I have many of that style.
  5. I say the City style. First is to small for me.

    I will also be getting the Anthracite in the City :love:
  6. City
  7. my vote's for city or the first for some thing more colorful! that's my two cents:love:
  8. City gets my vote.
    Anthracite City = yummy:drool: :drool: :drool:
  9. City also...
    i am also on the list for Anthracite City
  10. City!!!
  11. Yah, here is one vote for CITY!
  12. Sorry if this is a stupid question but what color is Anthracite please? I looked at the color swatch board on atelier and it looks like black?
  13. City
  14. Per Daphne at BalNYC it is dark grey, almost black, with green undertones. Can't wait!!
  15. CITY. I can't wait to see the Anthracite IRL !!