Decided on a City GGH. Anthracite or Black? Can't decide!

  1. Hi all,

    Thanks for the great advice you all gave last time when I was agonizing over the City, Part Time, or Work. I tried on the PT in person and did not like how long it looked on me. Then I kind of loved the Work in person, but you lovely ladies reminded me it has no strap, and I really want one on my bag. :p So a city it is!

    I have a brand new black First from 3 or 4 years ago that I'm too scared to use. Hehe. I decided to get a 2nd BBag so they won't appear so sacred to me anymore. :yes:

    I want a City with gold hardware. Should I get black or anthracite? I really love how black looks with the gold hardware. It just looks so rock star. :yahoo: I loved all the pics of it. But I already have a black First, so would it be redundant to get another black bag? I'll likely not get another Balenciaga in years, so I kind of want to get a nice color bag with an oooh factor. But the black City with GGH is so hot and matches with everything.

    I plan to get a Day regular hardware bag next in a vibrant bright green color (but this will likely not be for 2-3 years). Green's my fave color, if this helps.

    I haven't seen the Anthracite in person, but it seems a nice compromise between my want of black and my love of green. Do you think it matches a lot of outfits? I wear a lot of black and dark colors. I want my City to be my go-to daily bag. Thanks, girls!
  2. You really can't go wrong with either, but I would definitely go with Anthra!! It's such a unique color, and would be a nice subtle contrast if you tend to wear a lot of black and dark colors.
  3. I would personally pick Anthra over black. I have seen pictures of Anthra with GGH & they are all so GORGEOUS!!! if you wear all black, I think pretty much every colour would work with your outfits.

    There are never too many blacks either. Look at Bama's gorgeous collection!!!
  4. My vote goes for the anthra since you already have a black first
  5. Gah...every time I see Vanessa's bag my heart beats a little faster. I know hers is a PT, though. :love: I love the gold and stark black together. But I already have a black First I bought in February 2005.

    Hmm...maybe I can sell my black '05 (or maybe it's '04?) First Le Dix and get a First in a bright color. Then get the City in black with GGH. Then eventually the Day in another color.
  6. Anthracite for sure! It looks soooo good with the GGH! I think the color would definitely go with your wardrobe. And plus you already have a black bag, get something different! :yes:
  7. Well, I love my Black City with GGH. Here it is with my new LV keychain:


    However, I am sure Anthracite is just as pretty and if you already have a black First it may make sense for you to get the Anthracite. Or as you said, sell your black First for a different color and get the black City. Tough decision, good luck!
  8. If you already have a black first, get the Anthra City. Now for a silly question: is Anthra still available?
  9. ^^^ There is one on Diabro.
  10. anthracite. only cause i'm dying for one myself ;)
  11. I absolutely adore anthracite, specifically because of how versatile the color is. It really changes, depending on what color you wear with it. I don't know of any other color that has that "chameleon" like characteristic that anthracite does.
  12. Black city! It's a classic :yes:. Plus, you can never have too many black bbags!
  13. Anthracite. I think it looks better with GGH. I think GSH looks better on black.
  14. my vote goes to anthra as well!! i love how it matches with everything...and like a lot of girls said, you already have a black first!!
  15. I agree you can never have too many black bags... I just added an Anthracite twiggy and I love the color!! For for the Anthra!!