Decided on a Bbag, but What Colour?

  1. After a couple weeks of thinking, I'm going to treat myself to a LV white MC wallet & a Balenciaga City Bag. Now the problem is...what colour Bbag should I get? Help me!!!:wtf:
  2. If this is your very first Balenciaga, go with a Black city!!!! No doubt about it.
  3. Yes, that is the one that I like the most but I also like a lot of other ones too. Leave it to me haha...:push:
  4. Well in the new colors, the Pine is gorgeous. I am not THAT fond of the Violet but that's just my opinion. I also love Tomato. But yeah you should go with a black city. I have a black 05 Work and it's my all time favorite bag. It just looks amazing with EVERYTHING!
  5. Yeah I think that I will stick with the black. Then I can wear it with everything. Also, the wallet that I want to get will go with it...I think...
  6. Black City!!! And LV MC Looks fantastic inside!
  7. Black is always classic, or if you want something that is almost as neutral/wearable, try out the plomb/steel color. The one I saw looked almost black but with a silvery undertone (although I've seen a wide range of colors) and the leather was tdf!
  8. Black for sure! That's my first one too, and I wouldn't trade it for any other color-I love it! So classic.