Decide to get first LV

  1. I'm new for lv and I'd like to get one.... What shall I choose between black epi speedy 25 or monogram speedy 25 for my first bag?:confused1:
  2. I prefer the Epi cos I don't fancy Monogram. That's just me.
  3. Monogram Speedy 25 was my first LV! I may be partial, but I think its the perfect first piece.
  4. I prefer the Epi too! Epi looks so nice in black.
  5. I say mono, coz its a classic. but then again, epi is more discrete, it doesnt scream LV and it definitelly doesn't look like a fake.. there are so many mono speedy fakes out theree..:yucky:
  6. mono!
  7. I think that the mono speedy makes a great first LV. But, if you prefer to be more discreet, then go for the epi.
  8. I like the monogram.
  9. I chose the black epi for my first one! :yes:
    And I am mad in love with it!
  10. Epi, they are so lovely and no vachetta to worry about!
  11. i will say mono.....
    mono speedy always is the best first buy!
  12. Epi, Epi, Epi- but then again I'm an Epi fan:flowers:
  13. mono. But I am not a fan of epi. To me you can get any bag in black - just looks like an ordinary bag. But the mono is so classic LV. Just my little opinion. Most ppl love epi and you may too. My advice is to go to the store and test drive both of will know then.
  14. I say go for epi. It's different and it will go with everything. Especially black.
  15. Another Epi vote here... you could always get a Monogram Canvas Speedy another time?